Downloads for ECE189:


This page has been created as a central location for all downloadable content within these tutorials.  

Gerber Setup File --- To set up the final artwork generation for ExpeditionPCB under Output->Gerber ...  

Constraints Editor System File --- To establish projectwide constraints for ExpeditionPCB under Setup->CES...

Makepart Executable and example --- Local utility for making parts and symbols

ECE189 Central Library --- Initial central library for ECE189 projects. This download is password-protected. The userid and password will be given in class. When you begin working on your real ECE 189 project it is essential that you start by using the templates in this library.

DxDesigner Project Files:

EasyBus example project files

Forward annotation example project files

Expedition PCB Project Files:

Multiple power planes example project files 

Routing example project files