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Doctoral Students Supervised

At UCSB Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

1994 December -- Hung, Ching-Yu: Efficient and Fault-Tolerant Arithmetic Algorithms for Residue Number Systems (Initial employer: Integrated Systems Lab, Texas Instruments, Dallas)

1997 December --  Kwai, Ding-Ming: Pruning Strategies for Deriving Cost-Effective and Scalable Parallel Processor Interconnection Networks (Initial employer: Worldwide Semiconductor Corp., Taiwan)

1998 March --  Yeh, Chi-Hsiang: Efficient Low-Degree Interconnection Networks for Parallel Processing: Topologies, Algorithms, VLSI Layouts, and Fault Tolerance (Faculty member at the Queen’s Univ., Canada)

2004 December --  Jaberipur, Ghassem: Frameworks for the Exploration and Implementation of Generalized Carry-Free Redundant Number Systems; Coadvised, with Prof. M. Ghodsi at Sharif Univ. of Technology, Iran (Faculty member at Shahid Beheshti Univ., Tehran, Iran)

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Doctoral Committee Memberships

At UCSB Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, unless noted otherwise

1992 June -- Dodd, James M.: Chaired by Prof. Steven E. Butner

1996 June --  Chen, Xiaomin (Simon): Chaired by Prof. Louise E. Moser

1998 December --  Saed, Aryan [U. Windsor, Canada]: Chaired by Prof. Majid Ahmadi

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Master’s Students Supervised

At Sharif (formerly Arya-Mehr) University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

1976 August -- Mirza-Abdollahi, Mohammad: Automatic Translation of Sci. Texts from English into Persian

1977 June -- Alvandi, Kaykhosro: A Direct Numerical Control System

1978 January -- Nasseri, Parviz: Automatic Formatting and Justification of Persian Texts

1978 July -- Taraghi, Mahmood: Automatic Recognition of Printed Persian Texts

1980 February -- Tafaghodi Jaami, Ahmad: Efficiency Considerations in Storage & Retrieval of Persian Texts

1981 March -- Niku, Mohammad Ali: Reliability Improvement in Digital Systems via Coding Techniques

1982 June -- Asadi Khomami, Alireza: Hardware Aspects of Security & Privacy in Computer Systems

1983 May -- Haddaad Shokri, Eltefaat: A Study of Database Computers

1983 June -- Mehrjerdian, Hooshang: A Preprocessor for High-Precision Numerical Computations

1984 January -- Farahat, Saeed: Computer Description of 3D Objects from Three Coordinate Projections

1984 September -- Aaghaai Damani, Faatemeh: Automatic Solution of Elem. Math. Problems Posed in Persian

1984 September -- Daanesh, Farimaah: A Comparative Study of Database Query Languages

1984 November -- Meraat-Nia, Ahmad: Computerized Rice Sampling Survey System

1985 March -- Abtahi, S. Ebraahim: The Role of Informatics in Iran’s Development Plan

1985 July -- Jalili, Saeed: An Information System for Aircraft Maintenance and Operation

1985 October -- Toloue Kashef, Forough: A Study of Software Fault Tolerance Techniques


At University of California, Santa Barbara

1991 June -- Lai, Hsun-Feng: Table Lookup Schemes and Associated Algorithms in Computer Arithmetic

1991 December -- Chang, Chun-Chieh Iris: comprehensive exam

1992 November -- Binney, Jason P.: comprehensive exam

1993 May -- Camenzind, Peter S.: comprehensive exam

1994 March -- Panek, Craig: comprehensive exam

1994 May -- Lin, Yung-Chieh: comprehensive exam

1994 Fall -- Ghate, Sanjiv Anand: comprehensive exam

1995 May -- Ghate, Sanjiv: comprehensive exam

1995 May -- Huang, Jiun-Lang: comprehensive exam

1995 November -- Mangewala, Rajinder: comprehensive exam

1996 May -- Kim, Young Seok: comprehensive exam

1996 November -- Chao, Kuai Him (Simon): comprehensive exam

1997 Spring -- Gargeshwari: comprehensive exam

1997 Spring -- Gin, Kevin Anthony: comprehensive exam

1997 December -- Shi, Jun: comprehensive exam

1999 Winter -- Larsen, Gunnar: comprehensive exam

1999 Spring -- Ceran, Serhan: comprehensive exam  

2003 Summer -- Chen, Xiaoli: comprehensive exam

2004 August -- Liu, Tzu-Ning: comprehensive exam

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Master’s Committee Memberships

At UCLA Computer Science Department

1974 January -- Cristiani, S.J.: comprehensive exam.

1974 January -- Beigh, R.A.: comprehensive exam

1974 January -- Hayes, T.W.: comprehensive exam

1974 June -- Griffis, S.W.: comprehensive exam


At Sharif University of Technology, Dept. Math. & Computer Science, unless noted otherwise

1974 October -- Gaaria, I.: thesis

1974 December -- Farahbakhsh, N.A. : thesis

1975 November -- Behjat, E. : thesis

1976 July -- Ahamadi Torshizi, H. : thesis

1976 August -- Kasraie, A. : thesis

1977 October -- Afsarmanesh Tehrani, H. : thesis

1978 March -- Aasefi, B. : thesis

1978 March -- Amin-Nia, A. : thesis

1978 September -- Jozani, A. : thesis

1978 December -- Borhaani Alamdaari, M. : thesis

1979 June -- Nazari, M. (Mechanical Eng. Dept.) : thesis

1980 May -- Afshari Ali Aabaad, E. : thesis


At UCSB Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

1990 July -- Dodd, James M.: thesis            

1991 April -- Santee, Steven: comprehensive exam                  

1991 November -- Chen, Yi-Jan: comprehensive exam                  

1992 November -- Gattani, Amit: comprehensive exam                  

1992 November -- Saxena, Alankar: comprehensive exam                  

1993 May -- Harsha: comprehensive exam                  

1993 May -- Kuehn, Jacqueline M.: comprehensive exam              

1994 May -- Hauge, Mariann: comprehensive exam                  

1994 May -- Thomson, Steven Eric: comprehensive exam         

1994 August -- Lingley-Papadopoulos, Colleen A.: The Totem Process Group Membership and Interface        

1994 November -- Bian, Fuliang: comprehensive exam                  

1994 November -- Huynh, Dave Datphuoc: comprehensive exam              

1995 May -- Mankunde, Hari-Prasad: comprehensive exam    

1995 May -- Tsai, Huan-Chih: comprehensive exam                  

1995 November -- Mokhtari, Roya: comprehensive exam                  

1995 November -- Dillard, John Paul: comprehensive exam                  

1996 May -- Udompanyanan, Varin: comprehensive exam       

1996 May -- Namdaran, Ashkan: comprehensive exam  

1996 November -- Chen, Jianju: comprehensive exam

1997 Spring -- Krishnamurthy: comprehensive exam

1997 Spring -- Sharma, Chandan Dev: comprehensive exam

1997 Fall -- Khan, Imran Haroon: comprehensive exam

1998 Spring -- Fuess, Judy Anne: comprehensive exam

1999 Spring -- Chen, Han-Ning: comprehensive exam

1999 Spring -- Haavi, Tormod: comprehensive exam

1999 Spring -- Pettersen, Per Troland: comprehensive exam

1999 November -- Natarajan, Sailasyam: comprehensive exam              

1999 November -- Mody, Salil: comprehensive exam

2000 Spring -- Gunduz, Mehmet: comprehensive exam                  

2000 June -- Salazar, Antonio Jose: On Forced Variable Reintroduction for BDD Simplification

2000 July -- Solem, Michael: comprehensive exam

2001 May -- Wason, Ashwani: comprehensive exam  

2001 December -- Kanwar, Anshuman: comprehensive exam

2001 December -- Berre, Marit Gladhaug: comprehensive exam

2001 December -- Chang, Ying-Tsai: Self-Referential Verification of Gate-Level Implementations of Arithmetic Circuits

2002 April -- Williams, Graham: comprehensive exam

2002 December -- Garcia-Lamarca, Santi: comprehensive exam

2004 March -- Ho, Wan-Lun: comprehensive exam

2004 June -- Chun, Jun G.: comprehensive exam 

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Directed Studies and Projects

Borhaani-Alamdaari, M., Individual study course on formal languages and their relations to automata, 1 unit, Fall 1977.

Aabedinejad, M.M., Individual study course on special classes of automata and decision problems in formal languages, 1 unit, Fall 1977.

Aal-Yaasin, M., BS Project, “Studies in the Performance and Speed Improvement Techniques for Computers”, 3 units, Spring 1985.

Zandi, S., BS Project, “A Comparison of Unix and CP/M Operating Systems”, 3 units, Spring 1985.

Nayak, Amiyaranjan, Directed study in fault-tolerant computing, 0.5 course, Carleton Univ., Winter/Spring 1988.

Serrano, Mauricio, Research in parallel processing (mesh with row/column buses), 1992.

Crews, Andrew L., Directed research in parallel processing, 4 units, Spring 1993.

Haynal, Steven P., Directed research in computer arithmetic, 2 units, Spring 1996.


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