Photos from Events



International Congress on Acoustics--1968

Jim and Mildred Flanagan on a train from Tokyo to Sendai (Suzanne Rabiner behind Jim)









Speech Synthesis Team--Ron Schafer, Jim Flanagan and LRR--1970










Directory Listing Retrieval/Airlines Reservations from Voice Commands Team--Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Levinson, LRR and Jay Wilpon--1978









Diane Sawyer Visit to Bell Labs--1980










Isolated Letter Directory Assistance--LRR and Jay Wilpon--1984








Taiwan Seminar Team--Frank Soong, Bishnu Atal, Aaron Rosenberg, LRR, Nikil Jayant, Fred Juang--in front of the Grand Hotel, 1986








Mouse-in-the-Maze Exhibit at EPCOT Center, Disney World, Orlando Florida, 1986











The 'Mouse' Team--Jay Wilpon ('Wolfman Jay'), LRR, Ron Sorace and Arthur Bergh








The Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Team--LRR, Fred Juang, Mohan Sondhi, and Steve Levinson--1992







Penn Jelette (and Teller--hidden from view) visit Bell Labs for the Arno Penzias LabScam Event--1994








Arno Penzias Listens to Digital Audio at Bell Labs Open House--1994








Patent Award Ceremony--Jack Cubert, Jay Wilpon, Frank Pirz, LRR and Dan Stanzione--1995






Arno Penzias Director Team:

Front Row--Bill Brinkman, Bonnie McManus, Arno Penzias, Jeff George

Third Row--Roger Williams, Bill Ninke, Alistair Glass, Ron Graham, Dan Stanzione, George Indig, Herwig Kogelnik, Jim Mitchell, Rich Gitlin, Sandy Fraser, Eric Sumner Jr.

AT&T Labs Research D+ Team

Front Row--Dave Belanger, Mark Tuomenoksa, Chuck Kalmanek, LRR, Larry Greenstein, Sandy Fraser, Nelson Sollenberger

Second Row--Julia Hirschberg, Tingye Li, David Unger, Rob Calderbank,  Ron Brachman, Avi Silbershatz, Greg Blonder, Mike Wish, Dave Maher, Adel Saleh, Albert Greenberg

Third Row--Bill Coughran, Ron Graham, Barry Haskell, Rich Cox,  Peter Weinberger, David Berkley, Daryl Pregibon, David Roe, Eric Sumner Jr., Henry Kautz, Bjarne Strousstrup, John Denker, Andrew Odlyzko, David Johnson, Ted Darcie




Mike Armstrong's First Day on the Job, with Bob Allen Looking On--Demo at Bedminster for Zhang Zemin--1997








Zhang Zemin Visit to AT&T (Chi-Lin I served as translator)--Demo of Language Translation by Hiyan Alshawi--1997








Sadaoki Furui, Juergen Schroeter, LRR and Hiroya Fujisaki--Visit to Tokyo Institute of Technology--1998








The 'China Team' Visits the Great Wall at Badaling--Professor Limin Du, Hiyan Alshawi, LRR, David Berkley and Juergen Schroeter--1998









Professor Andy Hopper and LRR at the Cambridge AT&T Lab--1998










AT&T Fellows Night, Hosted by Mike Armstrong, David Nagel and John Zeglis--1998









Visit to Microsoft Research Lab--Roy Weber, Hamid Ahmadi and LRR--1999









Signing of TTS Licensing Contract with Eloquent Technology Inc--Chris Varley and LRR--2000









Launch of Natural Voices TTS Product--Alistair Conkie on the Megaphone, Juergen Schroeter with the NV CDROM, LRR with the Artificial Larynx, and Ann Syrdal with the 1880's Telephone--2001








ACE (AT&T Client-Executive) Awards--LRR with Ralph Viguers Receiving Award from Mike Armstrong









LRR Working at Desk at Florham Park Lab Just Prior to Retiring from AT&T Labs--March 2002










Speech and Image Processing Services (SIPS) Lab--2002