Graduate Studies


Graduate studies in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at UCSB are broad and encompass many diverse areas such as computers and digital systems, control, communications, electronics, signal processing, electromagnetics, electro-optics, physics of electronic devices, and device fabrication.

As in most areas of engineering, knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences are combined with engineering fundamentals and applied to the theory, design, analysis, and implementation of devices and systems for the benefit of society.

Graduate studies leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are offered in three major program areas of research.

Note: the ECE department research area of Control Systems is combined with Communications and Signal Processing.

Graduate students determine and choose their program of study. Each student will work with a faculty advisor, whose technical interests coincide with those of the student. Faculty advisors are available for consultation and guidance in course selection and matters related to the student's technical program.

Graduate Degree Requirements

All graduate degrees have a set of requirements that must be fulfilled for UCSB to grant a degree:

Degree requirements for the three ECE program areas are intended to be flexible so that the program of study can be tailored as much as possible to the needs and interests of the student. The student may petition for a variation or waiver of any given requirement.

Requirements are sometimes altered to accommodate for technical, academic, or administrative changes. However, students are held to the requirements in effect when they enter the ECE graduate program unless they have written permission for an exception by either applicable area - the UCSB Graduate Division or the ECE Department.

Further information on requirements and procedures may be obtained from the UCSB Graduate Division, ECE Graduate Student Office, and the Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy sections of this website.

The student is also expected to read relevant sections of the following publications:

All past and present year publications are also available for reference on the Graduate Student Resources page.

Financial Support

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Additional info about financial support can be found on the ECE Graduate Student Resources page.