Services & Support

Central Administrative Office (CAO) Name Extension
Conference Room Scheduling / Media Equipment CAO 805/893-5364
Course Web Page Requests CAO 805/893-3716 or 5364
Directories CAO 805/893-5364
Employment / Personnel / Payroll: Faculty & Staff Renee Meuret 805/893-3821
FedEx CAO 805/893-3716 or 5364
Forms for Reimbursement CAO 805/893-5364 or 3716
Mail Service & Mailboxes CAO 805/893-5364
Office Supplies and Laser Cartridges CAO 805/893-5364
Photocopying and Scanning CAO 805/893-5364
Website Libby Straight 805/893-5615
Budget Office Name Extension
Contract and Grant Administrators Alex Glover & Lisa King AG-805/893-3325 or LK-3939
Employment / Personnel / Payroll: GSRs & Researchers Shannon Gann 805/893-8748
Financial Affairs Mike Moore 805/893-7702
Gift Processing Alex Glover 805/893-3325
Insurance Alyssa Warren 805/893-3003
Parking Permits / Services Robbin Marie Mata 805/893-7703
Purchasing and Purchase Orders Alyssa Warren 805/893-3003
Telephone Services Robbin Marie Mata 805/893-7703
Travel and Entertainment Robbin Marie Mata 805/893-7703
Visiting Scholars Shannon Gann 805/893-8748
Electronics Shop Name Extension
Building Maintenance & Security Paul Gritt 805/893-5775
Emergency and Safety Paul Gritt 805/893-5775
Hazardous Waste Bob Hill 805/893-4142
Keys / Cardkeys Avery Juan 805/893-2403
Shipping and Receiving Electronics Shop 805/893-2403
Teaching Lab Support Electronics Shop 805/893-2403
Computer and Network Support Name Extension
Desktop and Network Support IT Support
Windows Server Support Pablo Landriz 805/893-8524
Linux / Unix Server Support Roderick Newill 805/893-5790
Student Affairs Office Name Extension
Undergraduate Student Beth English 805/893-8292
Graduate Student Val de Veyra 805/893-2269
Graduate Admissions Gayle Gonzales 805/893-3114
Class Lists Beth English 805/893-8292
Classroom Scheduling Beth English 805/893-8292
Student Related Publications Val de Veyra 805/893-2269
Student Recruitment Val de Veyra 805/893-2269
TA Evaluations Beth English 805/893-8292
TA's and Readers Val de Veyra 805/893-2269