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Resource Finders

Internet Directories

MetaCrawler Searching - Multi-thread search engine that queries: Open Text, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Excite, Inktomi, Yahoo, and Galaxy.
Yahoo - Search engine for about 85000 web pages.
Lycos - Search engine for almost 11 million web pages
Infoseek - Search engine for: web pages, newsgroups, usenet FAQs, reviewed pages, and topics. About 1 million documents.
Excite Netsearch - Search engine with about 1.5 million web pages.
WebCrawler Searching - Search engine with about .25 million web pages.
Galaxy Search Engine - Search engine with about .55 million web papes.
Netscape Internet Search
AOL NetFind
World Wide Yellow Pages
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
AEIOU - Portuguese links.
SAPO, Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses

Computer Networks

Network Protocols - Yahoo links on Networking Protocols
Ethernet - Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site. Extensive documentation about Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) local area network (LAN) technology. Including the original 10 Megabit per second (Mbps) system, the 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet system (802.3u), and the Gigabit Ethernet system (802.3z).
Book Reviews: networks

Control Systems & Mathematics

Control Engineering
MathSource Gopher - Material available through MathSource. It is organized into four main directories: General, Enhancements, Applications, and Publications. It is possible to search the MathSource collection using Gopher.
Mathematics (Galaxy)
Math-Net Links
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page - Pointers to all aspects of operations research.
Hybrid Dynamic Systems
Iterative Learning Control - A Bibliographical Library for Iterative Learning Control (ILC) Research
Virtual Action Group on Hybrid Dynamic Systems for CACSD
Entropy in Information and Coding Theory


Virtual Tourist World Map
City Net - International guide to communities around the world
City.Net Interactive Map of United States - Interactive map that lets you zoom in/zoom out from street to continent.
MapQuest - Possibly the most complete map of the US
Lycos RoadMaps - Creates a custom map with driving direction for a trip between any two adresses.
Microsoft Expedia Maps - Address finder, driving directions, etc.
Portugal - A collection of home pages about Portugal
Lisbon (unofficial)
Cape Verde(unofficial)
US Climatic Data Center - National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). Checkout the online Satellite data.
TerraServer - On-line source to buy satellite imagery. Cool demos.
U.S. Geological Survey - Maps of everything. Check out the satellite data and recent earthquakes (up to the last hour!)


Internet Connections for Engineering - Catalog of Internet-based Engineerinmg resources
Electrical Engineering (Galaxy) - Galaxy Electtrical Engineering home page
Engineering Electronics Shop - UN-L Engineering Electronics Shop Page. Information of particular interest to any EE student designing electronics projects. Includes links to major internet info sites (FAQs, educational, commercial, labs, software, etc.)


Roget's Internet Thesaurus - Thesaurus of English words and phrases.
WordNet - A Lexical Database for English.
Oxford English Dictionary - Fully searchable version of the OED, 2nd edition (1989). Includes definition and etymology searches, quotation searches, proximity searches, as well as boolean searching.
English Grammar
Hypertext Webster Gateway at UCSD
Library of Congress Research Tools (Library of Congress)
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form - ARTFL Project's initial implementation of the Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus.


AskERIC - Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC).
Dictionaries - A list of dictionaries on-line.
ECHO - EURODICAUTOM - Dicionário Oficial e Técnico da Comunidade Europeia
Logos - Online Dictionary
Dicionario do Internetes - Dicionario Ingles/Portugues de termos tecnicos relacionados com a Internet.
Internet Resources List
Parascience (Galaxy) - Galaxy homepage on Parascience (Parapsychology and Unidentified Flying Objects)
STO's Internet Patent Search System - A system o perform patent searches, and access information on the patenting process.
USNI Military Database - An international, armed forces and military database, for unclassified defense and government information, equipment, artillery, specifications, and news.


Public Libraries With Internet Services
Academic Press Online Library - Online scientific journal library created by Academic Press. Full text 175 journal available online. Use "direct login" if your institution is registered.
UMI: Online Dissertation Services
Danny Yee's Book Reviews - A collection of almost five hundred book reviews, covering all kinds of books. Includes books on computing and networks.
Library of Congress

Specialized Databases

ResearchIndex - ResearchIndex is a scientific literature digital library. It uses Autonomous Citation Indexing (ACI) to autonomously create a citation index that can be used for literature search and evaluation.
IEEE/IEE Library online - Full text, electronic version of IEEE jounarls and conference proceedings
MathSciNet - Bibliographic citation service produced by the American Mathematical Society. Provides daily updates on research literature in mathematics and applied mathematics.
ISI Citation Database Search Version 3.1 - Institute for Scientific Information Citation Databases (includes conferences)
Compendex - The major index covering engineering literature, with citations and abstracts from journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, and books.
Control Journals at Dallas - Table of Contents of Control Journals
UnCover - Online article delivery service, a table of contents database, and a keyword index to nearly 17,000 periodicals
Inspec@Yale - Leading English-language abstracting and indexing service providing source information from the world's literature on all aspects of physics, electronics and computing.
Vision at USC - Vision bibliography at USC Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Pattern Recognition at Delft - Pattern Recognition Bibliographies at TU Delft
Rosenfeld at USC - Rosenfeld Vision Bibliographies
Computer Science at Arizona - Computer Science Bibliography Glimpse Server
Computer Science at U. of Karlsruhe
Image Analysis and Computer Vision at U. of Karlsruhe
JSTOR - Full text search in Ecology, Economics, and History Journals.
Selected Yale Indexes, Abstracts, and Databases

University Libraries

USC Library resources
USC's Britannica Online
Yale University
Harvard University
The UC Berkeley Libraries
University of Texas at Austin - Map Collection
Yale University - Remote Authentication


SCAD: Conference information
Conference Announcements - Conference Announcement Archive at Fraunhofer-IAO
Control Conferences - List of Control Engineering conferences in the Control Engineering Virtual Library


Thomson Investors Network
Olsen & Associates - Currency converter service
U.S. Department of State Foreign Per Diem Rates
Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa
Meta (R) Online - Information about the Portuguese stock market
Microsoft Investor - Stock market reports, bussines news, etc.

Internal Revenue Services (IRS)

IRS - The Digital Daily -
Forms And Publications

California Franchise Tax Board

Food & Drink

CuisineNet - Restaurant guides for New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle.
4Dining - New York City's onLine restaurant guide.
Dining à la Card
Epicurious - Recipes and more
New York City Reference - Restaurants
ThirstyBear Brewing Company

Fun Pages

Dilbert Zone - Comic Strip
Doctor Fun

Mailing Lists

Elsevier Science: Alerting Services
SCAD: E-Letter
CAST Email List - Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) Mailing List. CAST is the Area 10 of The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). The subarea 10B is Process Control.
Hybrid E-Letters - Elecronic newsletter produced by the IEEE working group on hybrid dynamical systems. The letters contain recent announcement, articles, and commentary on recent events within the hybrid systems research community.


TWIG Login
Ciberdúvidas da Língua Portuguesa - Uma equipa orientada pelo Conselho Científico da Sociedade da Língua Portuguesa tira dúvidas acerca da Língua Portuguesa.
Comissão Nacional para as Comemorações dos Descobrimentos Portugueses
Computational Nanotechnology
EXPO'98 Lisboa, Portugal
InforFisco - Informacao fiscal na internet
Jesus of the Week
Klingon Language Institute
LEGO Information
Oceanic Society
Official Olympics Web Site
Os Lusiadas
Portuguese restaurants around the world
Visible Human Project - The Visible Human Project is creating a complete, anatomically detailed, 3D representations of the male and female human body.
Virtual Florist - Send Flowers Virtually Anywhere free.
Nobel Prize for Literature 1998 - Nobel Prize for Literature 1998 goes to José Saramago
Telecel SMS - web portal to send messages to Telecel mobile phones

Movies, Theaters, etc.

The Fedaykin (Dune) - Source for information about Frank Herbert
Swingin' at The Derby!


The Mammoth Music Meta-List @ VIBE
Internet Underground Music
The ultimate band list
Astor Piazzolla
Brian Eno
The Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry
Tom Waits

News Agencies, Journals, etc.

US News

MSNBC News - Provides personalized news
The New York Times
The NandoTimes - On-line news service
CT Central - Connecticut newspapers (New Haven Register, New Britain Herald, Middletown Press).
Pathfinder - Link to several USA magazines (Time, People, Money, Fortune, Entertainment weekly, CNN, etc.)
Financial Times Group - Online magazine on the Internet, System Administration, Programming, UNIX, or X.
The MotherJones Wire
Z Magazine - Monthly magazine featuring economics, culture, foreign policy, and day-to-day life
CNN Interactive
TIME magazine


PC Magazine Online
Computer Shopper - The Complete Buying Authority

Scientific Journals

Online IEEE Journals - Available to IEEE members only.
Printed mathematical and computer science journals - Current contents and general information of printed journals
Automatica Editor-in-Chief's website
Journal of MCSS - Journal of Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems
Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation, and Control
Systems & Control Letters
AIP Archival Journals - Includes Journal of the Optical Society of America
The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra
Benelux Quarterly Journal on Automatic Control
MIT Technology Review

Portuguese Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

Diário de Notícias - Daily News
O Publico
O Publico - Daily News
Jornal de Noticias
Jornal da Rádio Comercial
O Jornal Luso
Revista Oceanos
@net - Telepac Magazine
TVI - Televisao Independente

Organizations and Companies

Research Funding Agencies


National Science Foundation (NSF)
CAREER program

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
Army Research Office (ARO)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Engineering & Mathematics

AMS - American Mathematical Society (e-MATH)
CAST Email List - Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) Mailing List. CAST is the Area 10 of The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). The subarea 10B is Process Control.
CERN - European Laboratory for Particle Physicd
IBM Research


Home page - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Inc.
IEEE Working Group on Hybrid Dynamical Systems
CSS Conference Editorial Board - Contains a searchable database of ACC/CDC authors

SCAD - Systems and Control Archive at Dallas
SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society


AT&T Home Page
Baseline Project - Virtual handbook of primary care. Baseline of pratical knowledge for primary care providers, working bibliographic reference, etc.
CIESIN - Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
CIESIN Gateway - Data and Information Search and Access
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Federal Information Exchange - Information services company providing a full range of database services, software development and technical support to the government, private sector and academic communities. Check the FEDIX OPPORTUNITY ALERT service which allows users to create a personal interests profile to get funding announcements by email.
Globalink - Language translation software for PC and Mac.
Internet Audit Bureau(tm)
Internet Society - Non-governmental international organization for global cooperation and coordination for the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications
NASA - Take a look at the image archives!
NASA - HEASARC - High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center
United Parcel Service (UPS)
United States Postal Service
United Nations
Z Net
Ministério da Ciência e da Tecnologia - Contem regulamentos e formularios para as bolsas do programa PRAXIS.
Comissão Nacional para as Comemorações dos Descobrimentos Portugueses

People on the Internet

Joao Miguel Almeida
Stephen P. Boyd
Wen-Chung Chang
Noam Chomsky Archive
A. M. Hespanha
Daniel Jorge Fryxell
Shankar Sastry
Carsten W. Scherer
Eduardo Sontag
PT-NET Home Pages


Computer Vision

Hypermedia Image Processing Reference - Hypermedia Image Processing Reference (HIPR) was developed at the Department of Artificial Intelligence in the University of Edinburgh in order to provide a set of computer-based tutorial materials for use in taught courses on image processing and machine vision. The package provides on-line reference and tutorial information on a wide range of image processing operations, extensively illustrated with actual digitized images, and bound together in a hypermedia format for easy browsing, searching and cross-referencing.
CVonline - Compendium of Computer Vision - On-Line Compendium of Computer Vision ( is a collection of hypertext summaries on the central topics in computer vision. It contains an index of about 700 topics. The Compendium is intended to be a clear summary of methods and applications of computer vision, organized into sections covering the main topics of practice and research. Each section contains a number of topics, and each topic is a hyperlink to a set of materials associated with that text.

Control Systems

Convex Optimization - Lecture notes, homework assignments, and final exam for EE392X, Introduction to Convex Optimization with Engineering Applications, taught for the first time Spring 1995.
Hybrid Systems - Compiled by Michael Branicky.


The Haptics Community Web Page
Haptics-e The Electronic Journal of Haptics Research
SensAble Technologies


Combinatorial Object Server - You specify a type of combinatorial object, together with specific parameter values, and COS will return to you a list of all such objects.
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences - Allows you to look up a number sequence in the data-base.

Network Security

CERT® Coordination Center - CERT Coordination Center is part of the Survivable Systems Initiative at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.



Imagenation -- Machine Vision, Video Framegrabbers, System Design Integration


Nomadic Technologies
Pioneer Robots from ActivMedia Robotics

Robotics FAQ
PC/104 Embedded Systems FAQ

Online Radio Stations

Portuguese Radio Stations

Rádio Cidade - RealAudio on-line broadcast
Rádio Comercial - RealAudio on-line broadcast
TSF Radio Journal - RealAudio on-line broadcast



Audio over the Internet

CU-SeeMe - Video conferencing Cornell University SeeMe Project
RealAudio Player 2.0 - RealAudio Player brings live and on-demand audio to your desktop over Internet connections of 14.4 Kbps and faster.

Microsoft Media Player - Also for UNIX
Codec Central - Info on Multimedia Codecs and Technologies. Check the Index of Codecs
SmartVid Conversion Utility - SmartVid is a codec-independent utility that converts between the Microsoft Video for Windows* .AVI video file format and the Apple Computer QuickTime* .MOV video file format.


CAST - Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) Mailing List.


Emacs reference materials
GNU Emacs Manual (19.28)
Newsgroup: comp.emacs
XEmacs Sources
XEmacs Editor FAQ
Newsgroup: comp.emacs.xemacs

International ISpell

Portuguese dictionary


Jumbo! - The Official Web Shareware Site
Free Zone - TrialWare, FreeWare, ShareWare, NagWare.
Nerd's Heaven - The Software Directory Directory
Zee-archive - Source code for UNIX utilities (e.g. top).
Walnut Creek CDROM - A catalog of software available by FTP and CDROM
The Perl Language
Pine - "pine" ftp site
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
Netcat (ftp site)
ConnectSoft's - Digital Communication and Commerce
Jasper - A collection of resources about TeX, Fonts, SGML and HTML.
IMAP Products - Products database. Includes servers and clients for numerous platforms.
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview


Wolfram Research
MathSource: The Library of Mathematica-Related Materials
Mathematica Basics @ Boston University


MathWorks FTP Site
MATLAB Digest - The MathWorks MATLAB Digest
MathWorks contributed software
INDEX of user-contributed files
comp.soft-sys.matlab - MATLAB newsgroup


Linux International
Red Hat Software, Inc.
Welcome to VMware, Inc. - VMware for Linux installs as easily as any standard Linux application and provides a Virtual Platform environment where Linux users can: Run Microsoft Windows applications on a Linux system with near native performance
RPM repository on - very complete repository of rpms for linuz (includes RedHat distribution)
Forgotten Password

Operating Systems - Configuration Managment newsgroup
Configuration Managment - FAQ on Configuration Managment (Honeywell)


Frequently Asked Questions for Comp.sys.sun.admin
SunSolve Online
SunService Public Patch Page
More Sun Patches
Solaris 2 Frequently Asked Questions

TeX & LaTeX

CTAN - The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
CTAN Index
The LaTeX Catalogue Online, CTAN Edition
Help On LaTeX
Help On BibTeX
TeX Reference
comp.text.tex - Tex & LaTeX newsgroup
LyX - LaTeX WYSIWYM editing (What You See Is What You *Mean*)
SciTeXt - LaTeX like word processor for UN|X
TeX Software Information
LaTeX/TeX Help Page


UC Berkeley ftp site
POP3 server by Qualcomm
Introduction to Unix System Administration - free book on UNIX systems administration with coverage of Solaris 2.x, Sun OS 4.1.x,, IRIX, Digital UNIX, and Ultrix.
UNIX Reference Desk
Free Compilers List - Very extensive list of freeware compilers (including command shells).
Unix utilities
The Z Shell
Csh Programming Considered Harmful
SAMBA Web Pages - server to export unix resources (file systems & printers) to Windows NT networks

Microsoft Windows

The GROOVY Windows 95 Web Site
WinZip - WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of ZIP files without requiring PKZIP and PKUNZIP. WinZip features built-in support for popular Internet file formats, including TAR, gzip, Unix compress, UUencode, BinHex, and MIME. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. WinZip interfaces to most virus scanners.
MI/X - Free X server for Windows and Mac
eXodus - X-Windows Server for Windows
Exceed - X-Windows Server for Windows
SAMBA Web Pages - server to export unix resources (file systems & printers) to Windows NT networks



Home Page
The Online Handbook
Answers to Tough Questions

Writing HTML Documents

Introduction to HTML
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
SingNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation
Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 - Table of Contents
Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.2)
Web Icons
World Wide Web Backgrounds
HTML Counter FAQ
HTML Access Counter - Web Tools

The World Wide Web Consortium - FAQs, Protocols, etc.
World Wide Web FAQ
NCSA Mosaic
Web Tools
The Web Developer's Virtual Library

X Windows

XWindows FAQ -
Sites for X programs
X Consortium
X Consortium FTP site

GNU - GNU Not Unix


Absolutely Fabulous
Comedy Central - Take a look at what's on right NOW...
Discovery Channel Online
Dr. Katz
Monty Python
The Simpsons
TV1 - Check what's on tonite!
TVI - Portugal
RTP Internacional

Travel Information

Consolidator Fares

Consolidator Listing
Travel Discounts - Consolidator Discount Airfares


Air Travel FAQ - Lots of stuff
Airline information online

Travel Agencies

COUNCIL TRAVEL - Very good prices for students on some Airline (e.g. TAP)
Automated Travel Center - My travel agency

Frequent Flyer Programs

America West FlightFund
Delta SkyMiles - Allows one to check the account balance online
British Airways - Executive Club - Allows one to check the account balance online.
TWA Aviators

TheTrip flight tracker - Flight Tracking, Arrival and Departure Times. Also gives to-the-minute position and altitude of the airplane.
Wholesale Travel Centre - Prices, Schedules, etc. for plane tickets and Hotels
Travelocity - Prices, Schedules, etc.
Airline Tickets Wholesale
Microsoft Expedia - Book flights, reserve cars and holtes, etc.
TravelWeb: On-Line Reservations for Hotel and Airline Travel
AESU - Low-Cost Airfares & Tours to Europe
Amtrak Schedules - Unofficial (but contains schedules)
International Youth Hostel Federation
QuickAID - Public information system for airports.
Lycos RoadMaps - Creates a custom map with driving direction for a trip between any two adresses.
TURIHAB - Nice places to stay in Portugal (mostly small old houses recently refurbished)

Universities Home Pages

All the universities in the world - Yahoo

Instituto Superior Tecnico

Technical University of Lisbon
Instituto Superior Tecnico
Intituto de Sistemas e Robotica
Control and Underwater Robotics Lab - ISR

UC Berkeley

Berkeley EECS Home Page
On-campus Software Download


Academic Senate
Department of Electrical Engineering
Integrated Media Systems Center
Graphics for the web - includes background, seals, fonts, etc. for web design
USC art - logos, monograms, seals, etc., both for printing and web design.
USC Autonomous Flying Helicoter Project
Welcome to the Purchasing Services Homepage - USC

Yale University

Home Page
Yale University Library Research Workstation
Center for Computational Vision and Control
Pantheon Help
The Yale Daily News Online

WWW Shopping & Reviews

Online Book Stores & Publishers

AddALL book search and price comparison - Compare prices, shipping costs, and delivery times from all major Internet stores! (includes Barnes & Nobles, etc.)
DealPilot - Compare prices, shipping costs, and delivery times from all major Internet stores! (includes Barnes & Nobles, etc.) Books - One million titles, consistently low prices.
Book Stacks
The Student Market
Online BookStore (OBS)
O'Reilly & Associates - Publisher of books for UNIX, X, TCP/IP, and other open systems. Includes an online bookstore.
CRC Press, Inc.
Elsevier Science
Springer-Verlag New York

Computer Hardware & Software


C|net - Prices and reviews
PC Magazine Online
Welcome to PC World Online!
CNET Reviews - What's new

ComputerESP - Search Engine to Computer Prices on the Internet. ComputerESP now scans and compares over a million prices from major computer cyberstores in US and Canada and updates over 100,000 prices a day on average.
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Computers:Retailers
ComputAbility - Your PC Discount Specialists
Micro Warehouse: Your #1 Source for All your Computer Needs Online


Kelley Blue Book - The bible for used car pricing (Bluebook Values)
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
World Wide Honda Parts
Microsoft CarPoint - Car owner news & advice. Includes blue book values.

Consumer Reports® Online - Most good stuff is not free
CompareNet - Interactive buyers guide

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