University of California, Santa Barbara
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication

ECE 124C – Spring 2007

Instructor: Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov

Schedule: Tues/Thurs 9:30 - 10:45am, PHELPS 1448



*    5/30/07: All homework solutions are now posted.  Remember to bring a blue book to the midterm.

*    5/24/07: Homework 5 deadline is extended until Tuesday, 5/29, by 5:00pm.

*    5/15/07: Homework 5 has been posted on the class website.

*    5/06/07: Homework 4 has been posted on the class website.

*    4/25/07: Homework 3 has been posted on the class website.

*    4/10/07: Homework 2 has been posted on the class website.

*    4/03/07: Welcome to ECE 124C.  Homework 1 along with various other handouts are available on the class website.



Syllabus (click here for syllabus in .pdf format)

Time:                       Tues/Thurs 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.

Place:                      PHELPS 1448

Instructor:              Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov, ESB Room 2213, ext 5295, ilan@engineering.ucsb.edu

Office Hours:         By appointment, ESB Room 2213


Teaching Assistant:    The TA for this course is Evan Lobisser (evan.lobisser@gmail.com), office hours TBA.


Required Text: Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits, 3rd edition, by Richard S. Muller and Theodore I. Kamins, 2002, ISBN 0-471-59398-2.  Handouts and class notes will complement the text.


Prerequisites:   ECE 132, ECE 137A, and ECE 124B or equivalent, or consent of the instructor.


Topics to be covered:

*    MOS transistors

*    p-n junctions and heterojunctions

*    Bipolar transistors / HBT’s

*    JFETs, HFETs

*    VLSI technologies

*    Advanced processing techniques


Course Description: There will be homework assignments, a midterm, a presentation and laboratory work. Laboratory work will consist of designing, fabricating and testing of something interesting such as a simple MOS circuit. You will design the entire process sequence, simulate the expected device characteristics and circuit performance, and compare it with your experimental results. Homework, midterm, presentation, and laboratory will each contribute 15%, 30%, 15% and 40% to the final grade. The laboratory will consist of a final report and a presentation to the class.


Homework Assignments – turn into box on 5th floor of EI

Homework 1 – due 4/10 by 5:00pm (there is nothing to turn in for this assignment)                                                 


Homework 2 – due 4/18 by 5:00pm               


Homework 3 – due 5/2 by 5:00pm


Homework 4 – due 5/14 by 5:00pm               


Homework 5 – due 5/25 by 5:00pm     *Extended to 5/29 by 5:00pm.                      



Homework Solutions (requires password)


Midterm – TBA



L-Edit tutorial - note: L-Edit has been installed on the following machines in the ECI lab:  ECIPC015, ECIPC014, ECIPC050, ECIPC071.  These machines are located in the back corner of the lab.

L-Edit Template File

IC Design Project

124B NMOS Process

HEMT Handout 1        HEMT Handout 2

Tasker / Hughes paper on effects of source and drain resistance on RF performance

Download sample mask order



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