University of California, Santa Barbara
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication

ECE 124C – Spring 2012

Instructor: Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov

Schedule: Tues/Thurs 9:30 - 10:45am, PHELPS 1448



* 5/22/12: Solutions to HWs 2-4 are posted, HW 5 solutions will be posted after the due date.

* 5/22/12: Instructor office hours on Thursday 5/24 will be held in the teaching cleanroom.

* 5/22/12: Homework 5 is now available on the class website

* 5/7/12: Homework 4 is now available on the class website.

* 4/21/12: Homework 3 is now available on the class website.

* 4/11/12: Homework 2 is now available on the class website.

* 4/2/12: Welcome to ECE 124C.  Homework 1 along with various other handouts are available on the class website.



Syllabus (click here for syllabus in .pdf format)

Time:                       Tues/Thurs 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.

Place:                      PHELPS 1448

Instructor:               Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov, ESB Room 3221D, ext 5295, ilan[at]engineering.ucsb.edu

Office Hours:         Tues/Thurs 10:50-11:50am or by appointment, ESB Room 3221D


Teaching Assistant:    The TA for this course is Ardit Velia (ardit.velia[at]gmail.com), office/lab hours TBA.


Lab Supervisor:    Bob Hill, Engineering II Room 1141, ext 4142, bob[at]ece.ucsb.edu


Required Text:  Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits, 3rd edition, by Richard S. Muller and Theodore I. Kamins, 2002, ISBN 0-471-59398-2.  Handouts and class notes will complement the text.


Prerequisites: ECE 132, ECE 137A, and ECE 124B or equivalent, or consent of the instructor.


Topics to be covered:

* MOS transistors

* p-n junctions and heterojunctions

* Bipolar transistors / HBT’s


* VLSI technologies

* Advanced processing techniques


Course Description:  There will be homework assignments, a midterm, a presentation and laboratory work. Laboratory work will consist of designing, fabricating and testing of something interesting such as a simple MOS circuit. You will design the entire process sequence, simulate the expected device characteristics and circuit performance, and compare it with your experimental results. Homework, midterm, and laboratory project/presentation will each contribute 15%, 30%, and 55%, respectively, to the final grade. The laboratory will include a final report and a presentation to the class.


Homework Assignments – turn into box on 3rd floor of HFH

Homework 1 – due 4/10/12 by 5:00pm (there is nothing to turn in for this assignment)


Homework 2 – due 4/19/12 by 5:00pm         


Homework 3 – due 5/3/12 by 5:00pm


Homework 4 – due 5/17/12 by 5:00pm         


Homework 5 – due 5/29/12 by 5:00pm         



Homework Solutions (requires password)



Midterm will be on Thursday, 5/31/12.  You will be allowed a calculator and 3 pages of notes (8.5 by 11 inch, you may write on front and back).  BRING A BLUE BOOK TO RECORD YOUR ANSWERS!  Midterm review will be in class on Tuesday 5/29/12.



L-Edit tutorial - note: L-Edit has been installed on all of the PCs in the ECI lab.

L-Edit Template File (will be emailed to everyone in the class)

IC Design Project

124B NMOS Process

HEMT Handout 1        HEMT Handout 2

Tasker / Hughes paper on effects of source and drain resistance on RF performance



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