University of California, Santa Barbara
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Capstone Electrical Engineering Design Projects

ECE 188A/B: 20092010

Instructor: Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov

188A Schedule: Wed 2:00-3:15pm, GIRV 2112

188B Schedule: MW 2:00-3:15pm, PHELPS 1431



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Syllabus (click here for 188B syllabus or here for 188A syllabus in .pdf format)


Course Description and Objectives:

In this course, students work in teams under the direction of a faculty advisor to tackle a challenging engineering design project. Engineering communication such as reports and oral presentations are covered. The course emphasizes practical, hands-on experience, and integrates analytical and design skills. Students will develop skills in design problem solving, creative thinking, project planning, and teamwork, as well as developing technical and practical skills in the particular area(s) of research covered by their project.


188A Topics/Tasks Covered:

-         Development of a Project Plan

-         Development of Concepts and Designs

-         Design Research and Development

-         Prototyping

-         Design Testing, Analysis, and Evaluation

-         Engineering Reporting: Design Reviews, Presentations, and Technical Reports

-         Engineering Project Management


188B Topics/Tasks Covered:

-      Finalizing Product Design

-      Product Assembly and Implementation

-      Product Ownership: Know-How and Intellectual Property

-      Product Presentation and Demonstration


Course Format:

In ECE 188, students design, build, and present a challenging engineering design project. ECE 188A primarily focuses on the initial design and development stage.  After choosing a project, each group will begin researching the critical elements of their project, develop a preliminary project plan with a set of preliminary design specifications, and give a short preliminary presentation to the class describing their projects.  Students then continue to refine their plan and begin prototyping and design testing.  At the end of the quarter, each group will finalize their project plan and product design specifications, and give a 30 minute presentation detailing the (1) Project Plan, (2) Product Design Specifications, (3) Budget, (4) Prototyping and Testing, and (5) Division of Labor (individual responsibilities).

In ECE 188B, the final quarter of the sequence, students finalize their designs and product specifications, and then assemble, present, and demo their products. Final products will be evaluated based on the final specifications that were set out for the product.



-      Poster Design Instructions

-      PowerPoint-to-PDF Conversion (Posters)

-      Example Poster (PPT)

-      Example Poster (PDF)



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