ECE145A Lab 3
Winter 2007

ECE145A Lab #3

We will use the NEC NE85639 BJT.

Data sheet for NE856 series


PC board layout can be done with the free Windows program from ExpressPCB

ExpressPCB Website

If you are using your own computer for PCB layout, download the component files below.
Copy them into the Program Files\ExpressPCB\PCBComponents_Custom directory.

Component footprint for NE85639: NE85639.p

Component footprint for board-mounted SMA pad: SMApad.p


You must also read these instructions on how to layout the PCB and how to submit it to Prof. Long

Layout instructions


Data sheets for Coilcraft chip inductors

0603 chip inductor data sheet

0603 chip inductor equivalent circuit ("spice") models

chip inductor models - manufacturer info on use


Here are examples of amplifiers using PCB layout

example 1

example 2

Here is an example of an amplifier using copper tape layout

example of layout. Don't laugh! It worked!

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