ECE 150/251 Projects

UC Santa Barbara - Spring 2019

Professor Yogananda Isukapalli

83 Students, 38 Projects

ECE 150 Categories


Members: Jorgen Boganes, Ludvig Killingberg

GraphAR is an application under development that aims to simplify the visualization of complex graphs in 3D-space. This is done using cutting-edge solutions for augmented reality that map the graph in question onto the real world. Being able to scale and walk around graphs you are working with can be an invaluable asset in understanding how the data at hand can be further analyzed, or in finding out the best way of representing it to your peers or customers.


Members: Annan Xiong, Qingzhen Liu

  • We try to create a time manager app that help users improve their daily efficiency and record their life. There will be 4 main parts in our app:

  • Set an alarm clock that can be turned off by shaking

  • Set a countdown timer for a named task or sleeping.(e.g. ECE 150 1 hour and 15 minutes)

If a user uses his phone when the timer is counting, app will warn him and that period of time won't be added as valid time in the general report.

  • Draw users’ daily footprint using Google Maps

  • Collect data from other functions and generate a time report for users using data visualization technique. ( footprint, the time when you get up, detailed work time and sleep time)

  • We name these functions with names corresponding to Android activity lifecycle.

The Claw

Members: Trenton Rochelle, Brian Humphreys

There are great open source robotic arm choices on the market but we have made the choice to use Sain Smart's 6-axis robotic arm for the duration of this project. We created a base for the arm for added support when the claw is fully extended. To control the servos, we will interface with a RaspberryPi. We chose Raspberry over Arduino because we plan to create a python Daemon server to stream live video to a controlling Android device. We have installed Raspbian, a small Linux operating system, onto the Pi's SD card and have begun making randomly generated movements of a single servo motor from a command made from an application on an android device. We plan for the controls to manipulate the velocity of the servo movements as opposed to the position of the servo to avoid jerky user input and make movement more fluid. We are also currently looking into the low latency video streaming platform, Motion for streaming the claws perspective directly to the phone using a public IP that the phone will connect to and display.

Road Sign Image Recognition

Members: Yifan Chen, Haoquan Wang, Junjie Pan

This application is developed mainly focus on benefiting driving-associated scenarios. The goal is to develop computer vision algorithms that can detect, track and give confidence estimations for road signs. It will use some machine learning technique in the Tensorflow library to detect, identify and estimate what kind of road signs in the camera. Then, with the help of some Google API, it can render the estimation result on the camera in real time.

Study Where

Members: Winfred Huang, Jacob Zamora

Study Where is a conceptual app where students can find a place to study and meet up with existing study groups.

Utilizing the Android Maps SDK, Firebase, and GPS technologies in the Study Where app, the students can view the map with markers associated with study places. The custom map will locate closest study spaces near the students to reduce their travel times and find the best study spot quickly.

By tapping/selecting the marker, students can view the study space environment properties such as noise levels and crowdedness to determine if they want to study there. Students can also create a marker within the custom maps to indicate new study places and as well indicate noise levels and crowdedness.

DYEL (Do You Even Lift?)

Members: Howard Lin, Junayed Naushad

DYEL(Do You Even Lift?) is a user friendly Android application that makes it easier for users to log their workouts, track their progress, and share their workouts with others. We hope that using DYEL will motivate users to continue making progress and help them achieve their fitness goals.


Members: Srividya Tenneti, Varsha Srinivasan

The objective of this app is to send location-based reminders to the user through notifications.

Buzzer Bets

Members: Oscar Wang, Juan Reyes

Create a basketball Android application that serves as a gambling platform for users. Users will be able to select and bet from a list of upcoming games. Each upcoming game will have a real-time log with information about user transactions that will be made available to other users. A payment system will be in place to handle payment information and appropriate payouts. We will be using data scraping on NBA sources to retrieve data about upcoming games, start time, end time as well as tracking stats of players. WiFi and cellular data communication will be used to store and receive relevant information from the database we are using.


Members: Sungin Kim, Ethan Su, Kindy Tan

App that allows for users to play music and be able to share whatever they are listening to with other users.

Users can stream music, browse for songs, artists, and playlists.

They can also browse through folders on their own device, and upload them to the cloud.

Users can share whatever music they are currently listening to with other users as well as also being able to collaborate and create shared playlists.


Members: Kasper Berg, August Eilertsen

Challenger is the ultimate mind-games application.

Containing multiple tricky and fun games for the users to overcome, and compete against friends. The users can play different games, trying to achieve as many levels as possible, and compare their highscores with friends.

AR We There Yet?

Members: Pawan Kumar Rukmangada, Bindu Kashyn, Nikita Buzov

  • The app provides an AR mode for Google Maps and facilitates easier pedestrian navigation.

  • We are trying to integrating GPS data, Magnetometer data and AR capabilities to provide an easy-to-use AR MAP.

  • Will position a static arrow at each of the turn points.


Members: Alex Berlanga, Miguel Berlanga

Hear Tuner is creating an Android Application that will act similar to a hearing aid. We aim to improve the hearing range of individuals by processing input sound, applying frequency amplification to less heard tones, and sending that sound back to the output speaker. We intend to use wireless Bluetooth earbuds for their mic, wireless connection to phone, and output sound to the user. This project will include connecting the ear buds to our application, processing the sound information received in as close to real time as possible, and sending the processed signal back to the user. We also intend to have a way to apply a hearing test to create a hearing profile for the individual that uses the application so that it can match the user. Additionally, we would like to create a manual mode to adjust the frequency amplification yourself. We hope this app will be an inexpensive alternative to hearing aids for those with hearing loss or an application for those who wish to hear specific sounds better.


Members: Shreyansh Chhajer, Tarik Tamyurek

Binderville aims to provide a platform which serves as a local news / information exchange app, with its user centric approach to create them.

We tailor the news feed based on user location, and allow users to up-vote/ down-vote these posts to aid other users in determining the credibility of these posts.


Members: Yilong Zeng, Wenxuan Ou, Joyce Li

We are the gauchos who are designing an educational purpose Android App, known as "Evolution". The App is a single-player sliding block game which promotes and learns the evolution of life. The game is ended by evolving to the highest life level - human. The game provides the opportunities to let you discover the life trees of living beings and entertained your personal life without connecting to internet.


Members: Crystal Eskander, Lekha Adari

An Android App that assists the user in accomplishing everyday tasks, and getting things done more effectively. This app will allow the user to set a reminder to do a task based on the time. It will also allow the users to set reminders based on their location, so that if the user is within a certain radius of that location they will be reminded to perform that task. There will also be check boxes so that when the uses perform the task they can check off that they have completed it.

Pitch Writer

Members: Jerry Liu, Lillian Liu

Pitch Writer is an Android application that transcribes a basic sung or hummed melody. It uses the microphone to record audio, then analyzes, transcribes, and plays back the melody.

AR Ruler

Members: Ran Mo, Jiajun Wan

Have you ever been depressed when you need a ruler immediately but you didn’t have one? Have you ever been annoyed when you find your ruler is too short to measure your target? This Android application aims to help you to solve these problems. With AR Ruler, you can measure any length in anywhere at anytime. This app uses AR to detect planes and measure the length of lines on the planes. Furthermore, you can measure multiple zigzag lines on one plane. If the lines create a closed loop, the app can also calculate the area of this loop. In a word, you will never need a ruler with your mobile phone and AR Ruler.


Members: Jiyu Zhou, Dom Jiang

The goal of our project is to implement an Android app that helps users keep track of their incomings and spendings easily


Members: Ziming Qi, Sarita Phoosopha

Adventurer will allow travelers to mark visited locations in a fun way by collecting different treasures scattered around the world on the map, and share their collection with friends. And we are going to use Google API and GPS to give Adventurer the Map view and their locations. Also, we use firebase to become a Database of user’s collection to allow users to share their collection with friends.

Eternal Flight

Members: Sayali Kakade, Aditya Wadaskar, Kyle Douglas

As a part of our UCSB computer engineering capstone project for 2018 - 2019, we have been working on Eternal Flight: an in flight battery switching solution for unmanned aerial vehicles. The role of the child drone in Eternal Flight is to navigate to larger parent drone and land in place for battery switching procedure. Once the battery is switched, the child drone will take off and fly away from parent drone. Our goal for our ECE 251 final project is to create an Android App to control the functionality of the child drone.


Members: Jesmar Castillo, Marco Chavez

Our main goal is to create an easier and interactive way to manage Kubernetes clusters. Rather than getting information about your cluster through a terminal or GUI, we want to help visualize this information with AR. This will help view how specific components interact with one another. This can serve not only as a management tool, but a learning tool as well for those interested in Kubernetes.


Members: Abanti Basak, Xinfeng Xie

KineticCatch is a game that uses face detection to capture head movements and uses those movements to catch falling objects on the screen . We focus on the backend, develop and train our own face detection model using Tensorflow, integrate it into SDK, and provide the API.


Members: Radhey Patel, Hamilton Wu, Durva Kapadne

ARChat is an app that allows private encrypted communication through a chat with Augmented Reality functionality. It gives users the ability to create an AR target using Vuforia API to share with friends, making Augmented Reality available to everyone. ARChat also includes functionality for sending encrypted attachments such as files, pictures, or stickers. The main goal of this project is to expand AR functionality to objects. Current chat applications tend to use AR with facial detection, but we want this app to make AR compatible with any object.

Model Creator

Members: Ivan Arevalo, Chenkai Wang

Our goal is to build an android application, which can use a series of photos to create a AR model of the object.

UCSB Cloud Control

Members: Reed Taylor

  • Control Raspberry Pi Ground Control Station (GCS) by being able to initiate and stop recordings.

  • Get live uplink status to the drone and live failed packet count.

  • Initiate reconnection on failed connections to GCS.

  • When connected to GCS, recording audio is routed through tablet mic and sent over TCP to the GCS (which then forwards it to the drone unit.

Meeting TrackR

Members: Blake Diamond, Evan Blasband

Meeting TrackR aims to automate attendance at your next meeting. By combining GPS localization and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon proximity technology to facilitate easy to use and reliable tracking. Out goal is to develop an intuitive user interface that minimizes the effort for both administrators and meeting attendees.

Snapvenger Hunt

Members: Tien Tran

Snapvenger Hunt is a mobile scavenger hunting app that utilizes the phone's front-facing camera to find various items throughout the playing environment. Items will be prompted by text on the phone, and the goal of the user is to locate that item and snap a picture of it. The phone will use that snapped image to verify that the user has in fact found the object. To do so, Snapvenger Hunt will utilize the Vision Api from Google, which will analyze the image and analyze its content. Upon correctly finding the given item, the user will be awarded a point and prompted with a new item to find.


Members: Angel Castro, Nery Lara , Alejandro Vasquez

Answer the call of the GOONS. Join the international fray that is GOONS SQUAD. Build up your GOON, Develop your SQUAD, and crush your enemies. Like using friendship to strike fear into your enemies? Join a Squad and build up your legacy. The choice is yours in this millions-strong community of GOONS. Download for Free and GOON on!


Members: Espen Lindstad, Victoria Glott

SplitIt is a free app which helps you and your friends settle your expenses after a trip, party or any group happening so that everyone gets paid back. SplitIt is especially suitable for trips abroad as it lets you add expenses in any real-time currency.


Members: Navjot Singh, Marius Eskedal

This is an AR game with real-time human interaction. Guide a moving object to a specific goal by placing other objects to make a path.

Automatic Calorie Tracker

Members: Sang Min Oh, Richard Boone

ACT (Automatic Calorie Tracker) is an app that aims to reduce a lot of the tedious work involved in counting calories. ACT accomplishes this by automatically counting the calories and macros upon scanning the Nutrition Facts label that comes on most food packages. ACT also supports counting calories for food items that do not have a label by identifying the food item using object recognition and searching an online database for its nutrition facts. In addition, ACT provides visualizations for the calories that it has counted and compares its observations with set goals to create daily reports for the user.


Members: Jenny Zeng, Ryan Kirkpatrick

We've noticed that many people when given a movie suggestion either forget about it or either write it down in unorganized clutter. This is why we're creating Film, a new social media that allows users to create organized lists of their favorite movies and suggest those movies to their friends.


Members: Xihan Liu, Yingchao Zhu

An application of deadline reminder--- calendar, countdown and notification

This application allows users to add deadline reminders, set the name, date, time and locations using Google play location service API.

It takes users’ input, and notifies them at the specific time using notification API.


Members: Ingvild Loees Nilsson, Silje Marie Tyrihjell, Trine Cecilia Peinert

We want to create an application that can help people be more environmentally friendly and economical by reducing food waste. The application keeps track of what is in your fridge, and the expiration dates of these items, making it easier to live a green lifestyle. It will include recipe suggestions and the opportunity to share your fridge.


Members: Fredrik Sørmo, Tor Arne Tjåland, Mads Sundseth

Tailored television recommendations


Members: Willy Tu

Nice Reminder is an app that utlizes GPS and the cloud to remind the user the last time they visted the location. User can take picture within the app and save those pictures that corresponds to the current location. The next time the user visit is around that location, the app will remind the user and provide an image gallery of all the photos taken around the location.


Members: Fernando Mendoza-Rincon, Blake Diamond

Moodstream is an app that streamlines photosharing and enhances the viewing experience for users. It leverages an interface that allows people to seamlessly make collaborative photo-streams together, making it convenient and appealing for users to share their experiences.


Members: Ben Liu, Nathan Guan

The goal of this project is to create a slot machine game app for those of us who enjoy gambling but do not have the funds to do so. By using Vuforia, Google Vision API, and the built-in phone hardware, we are trying to recreate the casino experience without having to step foot in one. With Vuforia, we plan on implementing an AR aspect to the game and with Google Vision API, we plan on using image recognition as a way to increase credits without spending real money. In addition, with the built-in hardware, such as the sensors, we plan on making the game different than what is offered in the current Android market.

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