• Spring 2020 Final Project Summary

    Project Instructor: Yogananda Isukapalli, yoga@ucsb.edu

    Project Summary Table:

    GPS-Based & Tracking Singleplayer & Multiplayer Games Augmented Reality Controls Optical Character & Image Recognition Music & Audio Social & Productivity
    NagMe Real Battle Field ARDec Bluetooth Remote Controller Retail Therapist PitchPerfect AllThingsGaucho (ATG)
    COVID-19 Chatbox Quinella AR Designer Feed My Cat Bubble Boy Virtual Piano Instructor Coronavirus Facts
    Photonetic Ball Battle   SafeVision Remote Control Foodminder   Ganked By Housing
    TrailMarker Food Miner   Scopen BudgetMe   Venmo Ticket Dispenser
    Skidar Reactor     Pantry   Fellowed
    Log-a-Jog       Champagne Toast   Calorie King


    Team: Adam Li & Johnny Wang

    ARDec is an application that will allow the user to visualize furnished rooms ahead of purchase with just their mobile device. The app will also provide a convenient ruler tool that will allow users to search for furniture of specific dimensions.

    Ganked By Housing

    Team: William Cai & Edward Yuen

    Housing application for students looking for housing/roommates, landlords/students to upload lease/rent postings

    AR Designer

    Team: Hill Xiong

    Camera app that allows the user to freely decorate a room in augmented reality

    Real Battle Field

    Team: Ke Ding & Zhanglu Wang

    A virtual battle field, that will be generated in the phone. In the app, people need to complete some sort of tasks like walk{due to Covid-19 we are using the Pedometer(gyro/accelerometer) to count the steps} and after they finished they will getting Ammunition supply. This will encourage people to do some exercise in the home. Our apps are capable for multi players and and it is connecting to the internet. People can fight each other in the real world virtually.

    AllThingsGaucho (ATG)

    Team: Radha Vaidya & Aishwarya Manickam Rameshbabu

    An app that allows members of the UCSB community to log into their ATG accounts, and offer/ pickup rideshares, sell/ buy items, and pay for the rideshare and/or items using the inbuilt payment portal.

    Bluetooth Remote Controller

    Team: Jack Tang

    An app to send continues Bluetooth signal to control an STM32 smart car. Additionally, it allows user to control like a steering wheel by using the sensor in the phone.

    Coronavirus Facts

    Team: Adjon Tahiraj & Andrew Doan

    A mobile application that shows the users the most updated statistics for coronavirus stats for their area on a map. The person will be able to look up different counties, states, or regions where they can get the most updated facts and statistics for COVID-19.


    Team: Christopher Scott

    The main purpose of this app is to create location based appointment reminders that only send notifications if you are not within an acceptable distance from an appointment location at specified times.


    Team: Alexander Rivera & Aureliano Ceballos

    The goal of this app is to display easy to see, relevant information to the user during a jog/cycle/walk, provide an intuitive user interface, provide a motivational experience using best times for courses, and run streaks. The app will be used in conjunction with an exercising user who will be able to see speed, distance, and plotted course.

    Food Miner

    Team: Jilan Lin & Zheng Qu

    • The app is similar to the Gold Miner, where Ryan is a food digger trying to store lots of food during the quarantine.

    • It is easy to play as you just tap the screen and Ryan releases the hook to grab food.

    • There are different types of food that have various scores and weights.

    • Grabbing time is limited, so hurry up!

    Champagne Toast

    Team: Swetha Pillai & Cher Lin

    • A simple, easy-to-use reminders/to-do app

    • You can take care of a short grocery list to all the deadlines for your work or classes

    • Stay on top of your responsibilities!

    COVID-19 Chatbox

    Team: Michelle Nguyen & Christopher Lianides

    A chat box for users to ask questions related to COVID-19 such as:

    • New COVID-19 cases in their local area

    • What symptoms could be related to COVID-19

    Virtual Piano Teacher

    Team: Navid Mir

    The goal for this Android application is to provide a learning platform for piano students. Users will be able to record their piano playing in real-time and have the notes playing displayed on the corresponding keys on a Piano GUI. The audio and GUI can then be recorded. This can be useful for students seeking to record themselves and later verify note accuracy. Teachers can also use to record lessons to be sent to students.

    Retail Therapist

    Team: Tim Menninger

    This app is motivated by the idea of living a fully autonomous life. Here specifically, is for recurring purchases. Every time the user makes a purchase (groceries, electronic supplies, etc.), record the purchase. After there are enough datapoints, this should be able to identify recurring purchases, forecast expenses, set up or recommend subscription frequencies, and deliver on-demand shopping lists based on your current location


    Team: Kevin Mata

    An app where users can compete with friends on predicting the outcomes of soccer matches, which has:

    • A point system that rewards correct predictions, and keeps track of it throughout the season

    • A reward for the winner at the end of the season

    • Available for multiple soccer leagues

    Venmo Ticket Dispenser

    Team: Andrew Lu

    Every year, cultural student organizations such as TASA and HKSA host a night market at Storke Tower. These events sell food using tickets as currency. You have to buy those tickets before you can participate in the night market. The line to purchase said tickets can take up to 30 minutes, regardless of the method you use to purchase the tickets. No one likes waiting in line. Absolutely no one. So let’s attempt to fix it by automating purchases. How?

    Since many students use Venmo to make purchases, we can set up a kiosk to automatically print tickets. This will be done using an Android app that automatically scrapes the owner’s email account for Venmo emails and prints the tickets for the user.


    Team: Arthur Lobins

    The main goal of the project is to use the geo-tagging concept from Android photos to create an overlay of the timestamp and/or google maps location on the photo so that more information can be shared with the photo when it is sent to another device.


    Team: Finn Linderman & Robert Enger

    What will our app do?

    • Track hiking routes using GPS

    • Provide pictures of trail markers with location data

    • Provides a useful interface for hikers who want to tread new trails and share their experiences


    Team: Joanne Li

    An app that gives anime recommendations based on user input (can be based on current favorite genre or recently watched). Hope to make it easier to navigate and find the perfect anime to watch.


    Team: Rucha Kolhatkar

    An App to help users track their expenses and remain within their budget by analysing their spending habits.


    Team: Louis Huang

    People usually lost most of their friend after the first run and there is no way to find each other in such large mountain. SKIDAR is a real time location on 3D ski map for multiple users with chat room for users to communicate in.


    Team: Luyao Han

    An intonation correction app for violinists. The app will also be providing auxiliary feedback/tools while practicing.

    • Feedback on Intonation: Points out where the notes are on chart to give beginner a sense of relationship between notes.

    • Relating the notes’ tone to color: At early stage of brain development, many child prodigies developed perfect pitch by relating them to colors. While it is hard to develop for an adult, repetition on such feed back will be a very good way to develop musical imagination and remember.

    Ball Battle

    Team: Huake He & Lu Han

    An app to facilitate the harmony between you and your housemates during this pandemic

    After choosing an AR background (e.g. maze, forest), each player will start with a 3D ball of the same size. The ball grows and shrinks when eating different game props. Larger balls can chase after smaller balls and knock them out. The largest ball survive in limit time wins the game (and don’t need to wash the dishes ;).


    Team: Cesar Gonzalez

    An interactive app with several different challenges. Like Bop It, where the user has a limited time to complete a task, Reactor will have on screen tasks to complete. Hope to create a fun pastime that encourages movement


    Team: Cathy Geng & Jenny Aoyama

    This app can record all the food expiration dates, and it also can remind you when you food is going to expire, which helps to reduce the food waste.

    Calorie King

    Team: Stefan Crigler

    Our goal is to create a calorie tracking app to help individuals or groups of friends meet their health goals.

    • Daily logs of calorie intake (Nutritionx, Firebase) calories expenditure through exercise (Strava), Weight (Firebase)

    • Users can join groups to share, compare, and motivate one another to meet their goals (Firebase). Comparison categories will include calories deficit, total weight loss, progress towards goal.

    Feed My Cat

    Team: Tiffany Cowan & Rami Abulaban

    An app and physical feeder system that allows users to feed their cat remotely through WiFi.


    Team: Tim Chang & Bik Nandy

    The purpose of OddJobs is to provide users with a platform to advertise, promote, and take on miscellaneous jobs in their community.

    • People can create and advertise their post for what job or errand they want to list (with cash/material incentives)
    • Often, these people will be older/disabled and need help with completing tasks themselves
    • People can accept and complete listings on the platform for the incentive.

    Bubble Boy

    Team: Chris Chan & Zachary Battles

    An app that will aid in keeping the medically recommended social distance (6ft) from others during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The app will utilize the rear facing camera on the user’s smartphone in realtime to accurately maintain minimum social distance when the user is out in public. If a user is too close to another person it will alert the user to practice social distancing and stay inside their own personal “bubble”. Finally, the app will update the user with up to date news stories from large news networks concerning the coronavirus, so they are ready for the impending apocalypse.


    Team: Jenna Bovaird & Suhail Chakravarty

    On a yearly basis, about 80 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. In an attempt to mitigate this, we hope to minimize this by improving how users track their own pantry and ensure minimal waste.

    SafeVision Remote Control

    Team: Nathan Bornfreund

    An app that can remotely control every joint of the UR5 Robotic Arm. Furthermore, the app will have the capability to display in real-time the real-world position of the arm and status updates from the on-board object-detection system.


    Team: Aashvij Shenai & Veena Bellamkonda

    In this time of crisis, it is important for us as a society to come together and help each other to satisfy basic needs and limit the movement of people to reduce the transmission of the virus. The main objective of our app is to create a user-friendly GUI for users to communicate with other users in their neighborhood/ community by creating events for day-to-day activities like grocery shopping, car-pool, club activities etc. With Fellowed, a user can create an event (like grocery shopping) and other people within the neighborhood can place a request for purchasing specific groceries or join the user in the event. The user has complete freedom to accept or decline the request.


    Team: Jeff Longo & Byron Aguilar

    This application will be used to supplement a CE capstone project. It will be used to plot data sent from a wireless, handheld oscilloscope. Our goals for this application are:

    • To find a way to plot the voltage waveforms in a way that best uses a phone’s display
    • To create a WIFI communication link between the wireless oscilloscope and the user’s phone
    • Allow the user to communicate to the oscilloscope to change settings such as voltage per division and time per division