ECE 153B

Sensor and Peripheral Interface Design

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Instructor: Dr. Yogananda Isukapalli


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LED GO Game Entry Indicator Alarm Pong Smart Traffic Light Monitor Simon Says Game Aside Social Distance Detector Soccer Goalie LED Snake Game Modified Theremin GME Display and Tendie Tracker Spatial Audio Headphones Arcade Game: Connect 4 Facial Temperature Scanner Sound Visualizer Alexa V-1 Smart Pill Box Obstacle Avoidance Car Egg Steamer Facial Recognition Door Lock Temperature-Controlled Fan Temperature Controller Dog Treat Catapult Proximity Cooling System Board Games STM32 Typewriter Virtual Yahtzee Solar Tracking Wall-E Prototype The Ultrabucket Pro Emoticon Defense Smart Lamp Theremin with Microcontroller Attachable Parking Sensor Vision Test Landrover Cycling Sensors Bluetooth Time Clock Smart Doorbell Beat Visualizer Tuner Project Smart Table Lamp and Thermometer LED Audio Visualizer Dance Floor 2D Sonar Scanner Arcade