Digital Speech Processing Course (Winter 2015)

No Cheating Policy:

        No cheating declaration: (No Cheating Policy.pdf)

Monograph on Digital Speech Processing: Introduction to Digital Speech processing.pdf


Introductory Material: (basic course material_winter_2015.pdf)

Introduction to MATLAB Speech Processing/Exercises: (Lecture_matlab_gui_design.pdf)

MATLAB Speech Processing Apps: (Lecture_matlab_gui_design_apps.pdf)


Lecture 1:  Introduction to Digital Speech Processing:(Lecture 1_winter_2012_robot_video.pdf) : 6-to-a-page:(Lecture 1_winter_2012_robot_video_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 2:  Review of DSP Fundamentals:(Lecture 2_winter_2012.pdf) : 6-to-a-page:(Lecture 2_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 3:   Acoustic Theory of Speech Production:(Lecture 3_fall_2010.pdf) : 6-to-a-page:(Lecture 3_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 4:  Speech Perception--Auditory Models, Sound Perception Models, MOS Methods:(Lecture 4_winter_2012.pdf): 6-to-a-page:(Lecture 4_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lectures 5-6:Sound Propagation in the Vocal Tract: (Lectures 5-6_fall_2010.pdf) : 6-to-a-page: (Lectures 5-6_fall_2010_6tp.pdf)

Lectures 7-8:Time Domain Methods in Speech Processing:(Lectures 7-8_winter_2012.pdf) : 6-to-a-page: (Lectures 7-8_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Methods of Pitch Period Estimation: (Lecture 3_pitch_measurement.pdf): 6-to-a-page: (Lecture 3_pitch_measurement_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 9:  Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT) Concepts: (Lecture 9_winter_2012.pdf)  : 6-to-a-page:(Lecture 9_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 10: Short Time Fourier Analysis Methods--Filter Bank Summation and Overlap Add: (Lecture 10_winter_2012.pdf): 6-to-a-page:(Lecture 12_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 11: Speech Representations Based on STFT Analysis-Synthesis Methods:(Lecture 11_fall_2010.pdf) : 6-to-a-page: (Lecture 11_fall_2010_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 12: Homomorphic Speech Processing:(Lecture 12_winter_2012.pdf) : 6-to-a-page: (Lecture 12_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 13: Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) Methods:(Lecture 13_winter_2012.pdf) : 6-to-a-page:(Lecture 13_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 14: LPC--Frequency Domain Interpretations, Methods for Synthesis and Vocoding: (Lecture 14_winter_2012.pdf): 6-to-a-page: (Lecture 14_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture Algorithms: (Lecture_algorithms_fall_2010.pdf)  6-to-a-page: (Lecture_algorithms_fall_2010_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 15: Speech Waveform Coding--Uniform and Non-Uniform Quantization: (Lecture 15_fall_2010.pdf) ; 6-to-a-page: (Lecture 15_fall_2010_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 16: Speech Waveform Coding--Adaptive and Differential Quantization: (Lecture 16_winter_2012.pdf)  : 6-to-a-page: (Lecture 16_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)

Lecture 17: Speech Coding Methods--Model-Based Approaches:(Lecture 17_winter_2012.pdf) : 6-to-a-page: (Lecture 17_winter_2012_6tp.pdf)




Problem Set 1: (ps1.pdf),;  PS1 solution: (ps1_soln.pdf)

Problem Set 2: (ps2.pdf) ;  PS2 solution: (ps2_soln.pdf)

Problem Set 3: (ps3.pdf) ;  PS3 solution: (ps3_soln.pdf)

Problem Set 4: (ps4.pdf)  ; PS4 solution: (ps4_soln.pdf)

Problem Set 5: (ps5.pdf) ;  PS5 solution: (ps5_soln.pdf)

Problem Set 6: (ps6.pdf) ;  PS6 solution: (ps6_soln.pdf)

Problem Set 7: (ps7.pdf) ;  PS7 solution: (ps7_soln.pdf)

Problem Set 8: (ps8.pdf) ;  PS8 solution: (ps8_soln.pdf)

Speech Files:


test_16k.wav: (test_16k.wav)

ah.wav: (ah.wav)

beep_fs_10000.wav: (beep_fs_10000.wav)

beep_fs_16000.wav: (beep_fs_16000.wav)

should.wav: (should.wav)

s5_synthetic.wav: (s5_synthetic.wav)

s1.wav: (s1.wav); pitch period contour for s1.wav: (pp1.mat)

s2.wav: (s2.wav); pitch period contour for s2.wav: (pp2.mat)

s3.wav: (s3.wav); pitch period contour for s3.wav: (pp3.mat)

s4.wav: (s4.wav); pitch period contour for s4.wav: (pp4.mat)

s5.wav: (s5.wav); pitch period contour for s5.wav: (pp5.mat)

s6.wav: (s6.wav); pitch period contour for s6.wav: (pp6.mat)

we_were: (we were away a year ago_lrr.wav)

isolated digit training files: (

isolated digit testing files: (

isolated digit training files (raw-no endpoints marked): (

isolated digit testing files (raw-no endpoints marked): (  


Matlab Files:


MATLAB Speech Processing and GUI Files: (matlab_speech_2011.pdf);  6-to-a-page: (matlab_speech_2011_6tp.pdf)

loadwav.m: (loadwav.m)

savewav.m: (savewav.m)

loadraw.m: (loadraw.m)

saveraw.m: (saveraw.m)

grayscale.m: (grayscale.m)

fxquant.m: (fxquant.m)

pspect.m: (pspect.m)

spectgr.m: (spectgr.m)

LPC solutions: (cholesky_full.m), (durbin.m), (lattice.m)



Project Suggestions:


            General Project Suggestions: (Digital Speech Processing Projects.pdf)

            LPC Vocoder Project Details: (LPC Vocoder Project.pdf)

            Project Schedule (UCSB-2009):

            User Interface Example (Sound Spectrograms):(GUI_plot_spectrogram_ucsb.m), (select_dir.m)