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Research centers, institutes and facilities with ECE department and faculty affiliations


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American Institute for Manufacturing of Photonics (AIM)

UCSB is home of the west coast hub of AIM Photonics, a US federal manufacturing initiative in partnership with lead institution SUNY Polytechnic Institute. The goal of AIM Photonics is to create a national photonic integrated circuit manufacturing infrastructure.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Deputy Chief Executive Officer - John Bowers and Government and Industry Outreach Executive - Rod Alferness, Blumenthal, Buckwalter, Coldren, Dagli, Gossard, Klamkin, Palmstrom, Saleh, Schow, Theogarajan, Xie

California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI)

The CNSI is an integrated research facility with locations at UCSB and UCLA and center for nanoscale research in biotechnology tools and diagnostics, materials for energy production and storage, and information technology.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: K. Banerjee, Blumenthal, Bowers, Brewer, Coldren, Denbaars, Gossard, Mishra, Palmstrøm, Petroff, Schuller, Strukov, Theogarajan, Visell, Xie, York

Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies (ICB)

Army-sponsored University Affiliated Research Center and unique research alliance led by UCSB in collaboration with MIT, CalTech, and other partners. Research in the areas of biologically inspired technological innovations in systems and synthetic biology, control and dynamical systems, photonic and electronic materials, cellular structural materials, biotechnology tools, and cognitive neuroscience.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Hespanha, Madhow, Theogarajan, Smith

Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE)

IEE is dedicated to developing technologies that support an efficient and sustainable energy future. Areas of research are lighting, energy production and storage, buildings and design, energy efficient computing, electronics and photonics, and sustainability.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Director - John Bowers, Alizadeh, D. Auston, K. Banerjee, Blumenthal, Brewer, Buckwalter, Coldren, Denbaars, Gossard, Hespanha, Klamkin, Madhow, Mishra, Palmstrom, Petroff, Saleh, Schow, Schuller, Strukov, Theogarajan, Xie


Nanotech: UCSB Nanofabrication Facility

Nanotech supports nanofabrication research by providing tools and training for academic institutions, industries, and government agencies. The facility features 12,700 square feet of clean room space to do research using state-of-the-art equipment and offers a wide-range of capabilities.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Director - Jonathan Klamkin. Rodwell


Center for Bio-Image Informatics (CBI)

An interdisciplinary research effort between Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Multimedia and Engineering. The overarching goal of the center is the advancement of human knowledge of the complex biological processes that occur at both cellular and sub-cellular levels.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Director - B.S. Manjunath. Rose

Center for Control Dynamical System, and Computation (CCDC)

Brings together faculty, students, and visitors affiliated with various departments across the UC Santa Barbara campus. The Center facilitates cooperation in control engineering, dynamical systems, and computation and their various interdisciplinary applications.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Director - Andrew Teel. Alizadeh, Byl, Chandrasekaran, Hespanha, Kokotovic, Madhow, Manjunath, Marden, Mostofi, Pedarsani, Visell

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Center for Converged TeraHertz Communications & Sensing (ComSenTer)

ComSenTer is a multi-university research effort developing technologies for future generations of wireless communications and imaging systems. ComSenTer researchers will be exploring systems supporting hundreds of wireless users at Gigabit rates, addressing challenging in integrated circuit design, signal processing, signal blockage,  high-frequency packaging and high-frequency transistors.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Director - Mark Rodwell. Buckwalter, Madhow, Mishra

Center for Multimodal Big Data Science and Healthcare

The primary mission of the Center for Multimodal Big Data Science is to address the grand challenge of developing novel computational methods leveraging image analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, system identification and database technologies to discover significant knowledge to provide a transformative impact on a broad spectrum of applications.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Director - B.S. Manjunath. Rose, Madhow

Optoelectronics Technology Center (OTC)

Facilitates fundamental advances in photonics and optoelectronics. The general goals are to advance the state-of-the-art in chip-to-chip optical interconnects, optical fiber communications, and photonic integrated circuits as well as to encourage collaboration between academia and the U.S. industry.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Directors - Larry Coldren, Klamkin, Schow

Solid-State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC)

Focuses on new semiconductor based technologies for energy efficient lighting, power electronics, and bulk growth of Gallium Nitride (GaN). The objective of the SSLEEC is to provide a forum for its members - key industry partners and the faculty and student researchers at UCSB - to work in collaboration and across scientific disciplines to address the most challenging problems in these important and timely areas of research.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Co-Director - Steven DenBaars. Bowers, Coldren, Mishra

Terabit Optical Ethernet Center (TOEC)

TOEC’s goal is to be a multidisciplinary center of excellence for technologies to enable the future generations of optical Ethernet transport, switching and communications. It aims to lead the way in establishing a new roadmap for multi-Terabit-per-second Optical Ethernet and create new energy efficient photonic integrated technologies.

Affiliated ECE Faculty: Director - Daniel Blumenthal. Bowers, Coldren, Dagli