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Our research focus is the development of control principles for robot dynamics.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of these ideas on actual hardware is fundamental, and we are therefore aiming for a high "robot-to-student" ratio in our lab group. Getting a real robot to "go" can be rewarding - but also challenging. We aim for a mix of expertise in control, mechanical design, signal processing, and computer algortihms within our group -- all toward the goal of designing robotic devices that demonstrate high reliability in noisy, real-world conditions.

For prospective graduate students : Our research group is currently at comfortable size, but I am always willing to consider exceptional new members who can complement our current talents and interests. You are invited to contact me if you are interested in studying robotics at UCSB.

However, if I do not respond to your inquiries, please do not feel discouraged from pursuing admission at UCSB! I have received many inquiries from prospective students since joining the faculty at UCSB and am simply quite busy...

For undergraduates currently at UCSB : I hope to recruit one or more undergraduate researchers to help develop robots for our lab each Summer. Please feel encouraged to inquire about details.