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There are a lot of activities (of course other than research and studies) I have been involved in during my stay here at UCSB.

An art which every graduate student has to learn. Though for a lot of them it starts and ends with Maggie and Top Ramen, I have indulged in a little more. A brief list of recipes include: Hikes:
Santa Barbara is in an extremely picturesque location. It is between the sea and the hills thus having numerous trails all around. Trails to top of the hills give a great view of different parts of the coast line. The hikes I have been to include: Trips:
SB is conveniently located between LA/SD and SF and very close to many world famous places and national parks. The places I have visited include:
UCSB has very good recreational facilities and activities to be involved. I have been involved or tried the following:

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