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Professor Parhami enjoys teaching at all levels, but the bulk of his formal teaching load has been at the graduate level. In Iran, this was due to a dearth of expertise at his level and here at UCSB, it has been primarily due to scheduling considerations and the need to cover all major course offerings in computer engineering. He regularly teaches undergraduate courses on computer design and architecture as well as graduate-level courses on computer arithmetic and parallel processing. His many years of teaching in these areas have led to the publication of comprehensive textbooks on parallel processing (1999), computer arithmetic (2000), and computer architecture (2005); see the links below for more information. He has also taught a number of graduate courses on advanced digital design and fault-tolerant computing.

Until 1986, Professor Parhami was also heavily involved in programs to teach computing fundamentals to nonspecialists and high-school students. A “Computer Appreciation” textbook that he wrote based on these experiences was a best-selling Persian-language book on computing for over a decade after its initial publication in 1984. Professor Parhami’s teaching-related professional activities in the past have included participating in curriculum development for Iranian high schools, leading curriculum development efforts for computer engineering education at the college level, contributing to a series of TV science programs on computing, organizing a “Teaching of First CS Course” conference, and giving numerous public lectures under the auspices of the Informatics Society of Iran.

The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you learned this afternoon.  Anonymous


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