This course was taught from ~1990-1998. The notes, though a little outdated and mechanically worn, still have some significant value as a study resource for Rodwell group Ph.D. students. I may teach the course again


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Lab Projects

Lab project #1: lab1_ 1999.pdf

…Hints on lab project #1: hints_on_lab1.pdf

…guidelines for writing lab reports:reports.html

 EESOF Introductory exercise: first_eesof_problem\xfirst_eesof.pdf

Problem sets

Old exams and assignments: old_exams\old_exams.html 

Starting EESOF and ADS in the ECI lab:

Problem set #1 (transmission lines) : PS1_new.pdf

Problem set #2 (amplifier gain-bandwidth analysis): prob_set2.pdf

…comment on problem #2 of problem set #2: PS2comment.pdf

Problem set 2a (transistors and baseband broadband matching): ps_2a.pdf

Problem set 3 (transistor bandwidth analysis, MOTC, nodal methods): ps3.pdf

Problem set 4, DUE NOV 17, 1999 (device models extraction): ps4.pdf

please note: the data files are in my ftp root directory, within the logic_fam_prj

 Problem set 5, Due Nov 22, 1999 (distributed amplifiers): twa.pdf

Problem set 6, Due Dec 6, 1999 (reactively tuned amplifiers): ps6.pdf