ECE150/251 Homepage

Instructor: Yoga Isukapalli

Mobile Embedded Systems introduces the hardware platform, the software development platform, and applications of modern smartphones and tablets. The class is designed for upper-division undergraduate (ECE 150) and graduate students (ECE 251) within the Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science majors.

Catalog Description

Architectures of modern smartphones and their key hardware components including mobile application processors, communications chips, display, touchscreen, graphics, camera, battery, GPS, and various sensors; the OS and software development platform of smartphones; smartphone applications; low power design techniques.

For software development, the primary focus will be on the Android platform. Students need an Android phone or tablet for homework and the final project.

Lecture Topics

  • Components of Smart phone
  • Selected topics in Android programming
  • Application processor
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • LTE
  • GPS
  • Sensors in Smartphones
  • Memory in Smartphones
  • Touch screen and GPU
  • Wireless charging and NFC


  • All course material is available on Canvas