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Belal s. a. Korany

Ph.D. Candidate
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara
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Lab: Harold Frank Hall 4148
Email: belalkorany [at] ece [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

I am a final year Ph.D. candidate at the ECE department in UCSB, under the supervision of Prof. Yasamin Mostofi, with current research thrusts of novel non-conventional sensing and learning. Prior to joining UCSB, I worked as a TA in Cairo University, where I got my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering.

Research Interests

Research Projects

1. Stationary Crowd Counting using WiFi signals [UCSB, 2021]:

In this project, we investigate the problem of counting a stationary crowd using the ambient WiFi signals, measured on off-the-shelf devices. As opposed to traditional crowd counting methods, which rely on all people in the area to constantly walk/move, stationary crowd counting is a relatively difficult problem due to the lack of major motion information. This project has resulted in one paper in ACM MobiSys '21 (acceptance rate = 21.5%).
In this project, I:
Counting a group of stationary (seated) people gathered in a patio to watch a movie together, using off-the-shelf WiFi.

2. Nocturnal Seizure Detection using WiFi signals [UCSB, 2020]:

In this project, we investigate the problem of detecting nocturnal seizures in epilepsy patients, since they pose a high risk for the patients due to being unnoticed by the caregivers. Hence, we propose to invasively use the ambient WiFi signals near the patient to detect their nocturnal sleep movements and decide whether they are seizures or normal. This project has resulted in one paper in IEEE IoT '21.
In this project, I:

3. Translating Videos to Instant RF Signals for Training RF Sensing Systems [UCSB, 2020]:

In this project, we investigate how vision data (e.g. video footage) can be used to generate instant RF signals for the purpose of training RF sensing systems. We propose, for the first time, a WiFi sensing system for gym activity classification by only using online available videos from YouTube. We published this work in ACM IMWUT '20. In this project, we:
Steps of Video-to-WiFi conversion: 1) 3D mesh extraction, and 2) WiFi signal/spectrogram generation.

4. Through-wall Person Identification with WiFi Signals [UCSB, 2019]:

In this project, we investigate the problem of using WiFi to identify a person walking behind a wall from a candidate video footage. Such a technique can be used in many several real-world applications, such as security, surveillance, and personalized service provisioning. This project has resulted in two papers in ACM MobiCom '19 and IEEE IoT '20. More information about this project can be found in the project page.
In this project, we:
XModal-ID flowchart.

5. Human tracking using WiFi signal power [UCSB, 2019]:

In this project, we investigate the problem of simultaneously tracking single or multiple people walking in a WiFi-covered area. We propose a Particle-Filter-based solution to achieve this task using only the received WiFi signal power, which can be easily measured on off-the-shelf WiFi devices. This project has resulted in two papers in ACM IPSN '18, ACM IPSN '19.
In this project, we:
Sample human tracking result.

6. Angle-of-Arrival Estimation Using only Signal Magnitude [UCSB, 2018]:

In this project, we investigate the traditional problem of estimating the Angles-of-Arrival (AoAs) of multiple sources, but using only the received signal's magnitude information. This project has resulted in a paper in ACM IPSN '18.
In this project, we:

6. Device-to-Device (D2D) Communications Underlaying Massive MIMO Networks [Cairo University, 2015]:

In this project, we explore different power allocation strategies for D2D communications underlaying Massive MIMO networks. We also explore the base station precoder design for ensuring certain QoS constraints for D2D communications. This project has resulted in a paper in IEEE WCNC '15 and a paper in Springer Wireless Networks '18.
In this project, we:

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Work Experience

Summer Intern at Qualcomm, NJ, USA, 2016
Recipient of the Roberto Padovani Award for interns with extraordinary technical talent.
- Analyzed wireless protocols and algorithms for 5G mmWave Networks.
- Simulated the 5G access network at link-level and system-level.
Wireless Systems Engineer at Intel Labs, Cairo, Egypt, 2013-2014
- Developed an interference mitigation solution for WiFi/LTE coexistence on Intel platforms.
Teaching assistant at the ECE department, Cairo University, Egypt, 2012-2015
- Assisted in teaching courses on wireless communications, analog and digital communication systems, signal processing, information and coding theory, and electric circuits.

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Journal Publications:

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About Me

I am a husband to a lovely wife, Rana, and a father to a lovely daughter, Mariam. I like photography, traveling, Lord of the Rings, and football (Oh, soccer!).