Graduate Students


Mark Beliaev (MS/PhD, BS from Stony Brook University, January 2020–present)
Research area: Reinforcement learning - Multiagent systems


Bhagyashree Puranik (PhD, MS from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), August 2020–present)
Research area: Robust machine learning


Ozgur Guldogan (MS/PhD, BS from Bogazici University, September 2021–present)
Research area: Fairness in machine learning


Arghavan Zibaei (MS/PhD, BS from Sharif University, January 2023–present)

Undergraduate Students

Eric Yoon (Jan. 2023–present)

Yifan Pan (Dec. 2022–present)

Misha Obukhov (Jun. 2019—Sep. 2019)

Rami Pinto Prieto (Jan. 2019—Jun. 2019)

Erik Rosten (Jun. 2018—Sep. 2018)

Rucha Kolhatkar (Jun. 2018—Sep. 2018)

Pedro Abdalla Teixeira (Jan. 2017—Dec. 2017)

Former Students

Daniel Lazar, ML Research Scientist at Facebook, Thesis: “Analyzing and Influencing Traffic Networks with Mixed Autonomy”, 2021.

Amirhossein Reisizadeh, Postdoc at MIT, Thesis: “Robust and Efficient Algorithms for Federated Learning and Distributed Computing”, 2021.