ECE 2A: Circuits, Devices, and Systems

Fall 2010

Instructor:  Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov

Instructor Office Hours:  Wed 11:00AM-1:00PM in ESB 3221D

Lecture:  TR 2:00-3:15pm in BUCHANAN 1940

TA’s:  TA contacts and their lab/office hours are listed here.

Required text:  CIRCUITS, by Ulaby and Maharbiz, 2009, ISBN 978-1-934891-00-1

Email Policy:  Due to the large enrollment in this course, instructor will not be able to respond to individual emails.  PLEASE EMAIL YOUR TA.  If the matter is something that the instructor must address, your TA will forward the email on to the instructor.







·   You will be allowed two 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of note paper (can write on front and back), as well as a calculator (no web-enabled devices/calculators allowed), for the final exam.

·   Final exam will cover material from the entire quarter, with more emphasis placed on the material covered during the second half of the course.

·   Click here for a list of topics covered on the final.

·   11/29/10: During finals week, we will hold several review sessions and office hours for the final exam.  These will be held at the following times/days/locations:

·   Mon 12/6, 1-3pm, REVIEW SESSION, PHELPS 3505

·   Mon 12/6, 5-7pm, TA Office Hours, HFH 5162C

·   Tues 12/7, 2-4pm, REVIEW SESSION, PHELPS 3523

·   Tues 12/7, 7-9pm, TA Office Hours, HFH 5162C

·   Wed 12/8, 2-3:30pm, Instructor Office Hours, ESB 3221D

·   11/29/10: Due to heavy traffic in PHELPS 1435, all remaining TA office hours will be held in HFH 5162C (the ECE 2A lab).  In addition to regular office hours, additional TA office hours during the week of Nov 29 – Dec 3 will be held on the following times/days:

·   Tues 11/30, 5-6pm, HFH 5162C (TA Office Hours)

·   Wed 12/1, 3-5pm, HFH 5162C (TA Office Hours)

·   11/21/10: There will be no office hours (TA or instructor) the week of Nov 22-26 (Thanksgiving week).  Instructor will hold extra office hours on Monday, November 29 from 10-11:30am.  Extra TA office hours and Final Exam review sessions will be scheduled during the week of Nov 30 - Dec 7, days/times/locations TBA.

·   11/21/10: LAB 7 reports are due in the ECE 2A HW box by 5pm on Wednesday, Dec 1.

·   11/21/10: HW 8, posted below, is due on Friday, Dec 3, by 5pm.

·   11/9/10: Midterm solutions can be found here.

·   11/8/10: HW 7 is posted below.

·   11/7/10: No class on Thursday, Nov 11th (Veterans Day).  Everyone in the Thursday lab should have been assigned another lab section to attend this week.

·   11/7/10: No homework assignment due this week.  HW 7 is due Nov 19th.

·   10/29/10: HW 6 is posted below.

·   10/21/10: You will be allowed one 8.5 x 11 inch piece of note paper (can write on front and back), as well as a calculator (no web-enabled devices/calculators allowed), for the midterm exam.  Click here for a list of topics covered on the midterm.

·   10/21/10: HW 5 is posted below.

·   10/20/10: Reviews and additional office hours for the midterm will be held as follows:

·   Tues 10/26, 4-5pm, HFH 5162C (Office Hours)

·   Tues 10/26, 5-7pm, Theater Dance – West 1701 (Review Session)

·   Wed 10/27, 2-4pm, PSYCH 1924 (Review Session)

·   10/20/10: As announced in class, there have been some changes to the location of several TA office hours.  Click here or on the Course TAs link below for the update location.

·   10/16/10: HW 4 is posted below.

·   10/9/10: More course textbooks should be arriving at the UCSB Bookstore this weekend!

·   10/8/10: HW 3 is posted below.

·   10/2/10: HW 2 is posted below.

·   9/29/10: Please note that the answer given in the back of the book for Problem 1.21(a) is not correct.

·   9/23/10: Welcome to ECE 2A!  HW 1 and Lab 1 are posted below.





Course TAs

Data Sheets



App. Notes





Supplementary Info

Guidelines for Lab Reports

Overview of ECE 2 Lab Equipment


Plots and Curve-Fitting in Excel   


Excel Example File


Simple schematics using PowerPoint

Lab 1 - Voltage, Current, and Resistance

Lab 1 pics


Bourns 3/8" Thumbwheel pot


Carbon-Film Resistor (typ)


T1 3/4 lamp (typ)   Toy motor (typ)


Photocell (typ)

Lab 2 - Circuit Theorems

Lab 2 pics


AA Battery (typ)


AA Battery holder (typ)

Lab 3 - Waveforms and the Oscilloscope

Lab 3 pics


1N4148 diode


LED (typ)

Lab 4 - Simple Op-Amp Circuits

Lab 4 pics


LM741 (National)


Op-Amp Circuit Collection (AN-31)

Lab 5 - More Op-Amp Circuits and Sensors

Lab 5 pics


NTC Thermistor


MBR10H150CT Dual Diode


Transducer Interfacing Handbook

Lab 6 - First-Order RC/RL Circuits

Lab 6 pics    Op-Amp Timer (MultiSim)

Excel Log-Log (Bode) plot Example


Electrolytic capacitor (typ)


Ceramic Cap (typ)

Lab 7 - AC Circuits and Transformers

Lab 7 pics


42TL002 Audio transformer


Homework always due @5PM in ECE 2A box in HFH (third floor)



Due Date

Supplementary Material

Homework #1

Fri, Oct 1


Homework #2

Fri. Oct 8


Homework #3

Fri, Oct 15

T&R Web App A (Linear eqns)

Homework #4

Fri, Oct 22

Feedback and Op-Amps

Homework #5

Fri, Oct 29


Homework #6

Fri, Nov 5


Homework #7

Fri, Nov 19


Homework #8

Fri, Dec 3





Exams & Quizzes

Midterm: 2009 Midterm Solutions

Final Exam:   2009 Final Solutions



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