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ComSenTer (SRC/DARPA):
This center seeks to develop beyond-5G wireless communications systems, using 100-300GHz carrier frequencies and massive spatial multiplexing. The overall program involves 21 Professors nationwide and over 50 Ph.D. students. Activities in Rodwell's group include design of multi-THz InP HBT and InP HEMT transistors, 100-300GHz front-end transmitter and receiver ICs, 100-300GHz multi-beam phased arrays, and demonstrations of communications and radar imaging systems.
IC design, Electron Devices, System Design.

mm-wave communications (NSF):
Teamed with faculty at UCSB, Stanford, and UW, we are developing transceiver ICs, RF and baseband, for endpoint and backhaul signal distribution in mobile networks. V, E, and W are the bands of interest. The technologies are SiGe and CMOS.
IC & system design

Low-voltage FETs (NSF/SRC):
Teamed with faculty at UCSB, Purdue, and UVA, we are designing, and building, novel ultra-low-voltage, hence ultra-low-power nm transistors for future generations of VLSI.
Electron devices.













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