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High-Frequency Wireless (5G and beyond)

We seek to drive the development of future wireless systems. Carrier frequencies will reach well above 100GHz and capacities will exceed 1Tb/s.  Collaborating with the ComSenTer team, we work on system design (architecture, signal processing, algorithms) and hardware design (arrays, antennas, ICs, transistors)


High-Frequency Integrated Circuits for Wireless

We seek to drive IC technologies to the highest feasible frequencies. One goal is to prove that the core electronic circuits (amplifiers, oscillators, mixers) can work at the most extreme frequencies, even several THz, so as to drive the future of electronics.  The second is to demonstrate practical communcations ICs  operating from 60-600GHz, to drive the development of wireless, 5G and beyond.


High-Frequency Transistors for Wireless

High-frequency ICs need high-frequency transistors. In useful, high-performance ICs, transistor cutoff frequencies must be ~3:1 to 10:1 greater than the signal frequencies. Focusing on InP-based FETs and bipolar transistors, we are working to extend transistor cutoff frequencies to well beyond 1THz.


nm Transistors for VLSI

We seek to develop new generations of transistors for VLSI. Our current efforts focus on ultra-low-voltage designs for low-power VLSI.



University of California, Santa Barbara

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