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UCSB NanoFabrication Facility
This 10,000 square foot laboratory is a shared facility for fabrication of semiconductor devices and similar structures. It is a key resource of the College of Engineering at UCSB, being used by ~250 Ph.D. students and ~40 associated faculty. It provides world-class facilities for fabrication of semiconductor devices.


MBE Lab:

Our III-V device research relies on the collaboration and efforts of our colleagues in the UCSB MBE lab. This is one of the worlds' largest academic laboratories for research in semiconductor materials and semiconductor growth.



Home to 5 MOCVD and 3 HVPE systems for growth of GaN and related materials, InP materials for photonics and high-speed electronics, and semiconducting oxides. MOCVD is critical for regrowths in advanced high-speed transistors


High Speed Electronics Lab: (Rodwell & Buckwalter lab)

This is a design and test facility. We have computers for design using both III-V (Agilent ADS) and VLSI-centric (Cadence) design tools. Our network analyzer, probe stations, and probes provide measurements from DC-330 GHz. Our digital test station provides clock signals up to 210 GHz, and can measure signal spectra to 330 GHz and waveforms to 110 GHz


Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility

This lab, part of the Materials Research Laboratory in the UCSB Materials Department, offers advanced advanced tools for device and materials analysis. Capabilities include TEM, SEM, SFM/AFM, SIMS, FIB/SEM



University of California, Santa Barbara

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