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Math + Fun!

Learning Math via Fun Examples and Activities

The Math + Fun! special lesson series was originally developed by Professor Parhami for elementary grades 3-6 at Goleta Family School during the 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2005-06 school years. The material can be used freely in teaching and in other educational settings. Unauthorized uses, including reproduction, storage, or distribution for commercial gain, are prohibited. © Behrooz Parhami

The material that follows is presented in two sections:
(1) Complete lessons in the form of PowerPoint presentations
(2) Other material of possible interest
Professor Parhami gratefully accepts comments on these lessons. Please send your comments and suggestions via the e-mail address shown in the banner at the top of this page.

PowerPoint Lecture Slides

The following PowerPoint files, each up to 4 MB, contain complete lessons for use in one-hour class sessions.
Math Meets Maps (last updated 2004/12/17)
Math and Elections (last updated 2004/11/04)
Math Crosswords (last updated 2004/12/02)
Logical Reasoning (last updated 2005/01/06)
Counting Problems (last updated 2005/02/02)
Measurement Puzzles (last updated 2005/03/05)
Number Games (last updated 2005/04/20)
Special Numbers (last updated 2005/05/19)
Math in Computers (last updated 2005/11/17)
Global Positioning (last updated 2006/01/19)
Measuring Instruments (last updated 2006/03/15)
Time and Calendars (last updated 2006/05/16)
Mathematical Illusions (last updated 2007/04/30)
Area and Tilings (last updated 2007/06/04)

Other Material

These lessons from 2003-04 (MS Word files, up to 250 KB) are not yet in complete presentation format.
Magic Squares (augmented with magic pentagons, hexagons, and octagons on 2005/02/25)
Mazes and Graphs
Number Sequences