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Vehicles on UCSB Campus Walkways

On-line CV

Since 2001, Professor Parhami has alerted UCSB administrators to the dangers of excessive and unwarranted vehicular traffic on campus walkways. In addition to sending out e-mail messages, informing the news media, and meeting with a number of administrators, he initiated a web page to document the extent of abuse and to raise the level of awareness on campus.

As of late 2008, it seemed that the Web page had little effect on campus policy and enforcement of its traffic laws; furthermore, the postings to the page had become rather repetitive. Therefore, after seven years of posting photos and commentary, Professor Parhami gave up and reluctantly stopped maintaining the page. The old contents of the Web page as of 2009 March 30 are captured in the following 65-page, 8-MB PDF file.

Vehicles on UCSB Campus Walkways, 2001-08

On-line CV Like walkways, campus bike paths are also abused by motorized vehicles of all kinds. The image on the left depicts the bike path between HSSB & Theater/Dance buildings around 8:30 AM on 2009 June 26.

There will be no further postings to this replacement Web page, unless new developments (positive or negative) warrant restarting the discussions.