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Gender equality, balance

A Group of UCSB Staff and Faculty Members

Page last updated on 2020 July 21

I am a member of a UCSB campus group that goes by the name "Men Advocating for Gender Equity." It was formed following campus workshops that brought the notions of privilege and conscious/unconscious gender bias to the attention of the participants, some of whom decided to get involved in helping to bring about change. The group meets regularly, with the aim of educating its own members and helping spread the word by holding workshops and other forums. My role is to maintain a list of educational resources, including a comprehensive reading list.

Gender equality, balance Quote: "Discrimination isn't a thunderbolt, it isn't an abrupt slap in the face. It's the slow drumbeat of being underappreciated, feeling uncomfortable and encountering roadblocks along the path to success. These subtle distinctions help make women feel out of place." ~ Meg Urry

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UCSB MAGE Mission Statement
My Personal Action Plan
Workshops and Other Forums
UCSB MAGE Reading List
My Writings on Gender Equity
Other Resources in Brief

UCSB MAGE Mission Statement

Men Advocating for Gender Equity is an interdisciplinary group of men-identified staff and faculty at UCSB committed to personal action and working with men in support of women on campus. Recognizing the existence of gender inequity, we will actively engage in targeted activities to measurably improve the climate for women across all units on campus, while maintaining accountability to women through the Women's Advisory Board.

My Personal Action Plan

Realizing that men (heterosexual white men, in particular) are privileged and may exhibit unconscious bias against women and other less-privileged members of our university and the larger community, I am determined to take steps to deal with these problems, both active personal measures to correct my own behavior and learning not to be a passive bystander when I see bias and prejudice. Here are a few concrete steps:

- Keeping abreast inequities via listening to and reading about grievances
- Creating and maintaining a public list of readings and other resources
- Advocating through direct personal contacts and blog/social-media posts

Workshops and Other Forums

Roger Green (ND State U.) and Robert Gordon (Auburn U.), "Ally Workshop: Men Allies for Gender Equity," held at UCSB, May 9-10, 2019. [PDF slides] [Reading list]

Roger Green (ND State U.) and Robert Gordon (Auburn U.), "Men Advocating for Gender Equity," continuation of the May 9-10 workshops, held at UCSB, October 3-4, 2019.

Quinn Solis and Craig Leets (UCSB), "Queer & Trans 101," January 21, 2020. [PDF slides]

UCSB MAGE Reading List

C. L. Anicha, A. Burnett, and C. Bilen-Green, "Men Faculty Gender-Equity Advocates: A Qualitative Analysis of Theory and Praxis," Journal of Men's Studies, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp 21-43, 2015. [PDF]

C. Bilen-Green, J. Carpenter, S. Doore, R. Green, K. Horton, K. Jellison, M. Latimer, M. Levine, and P. O'Neal, "Implementation of Advocates and Allies Programs to Support and Promote Gender Equity in Academia," Proc. ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Seattle, Washington, June 2015. [PDF]

A. G. Johnson, The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy, Temple U. Press, revised ed., 2005.

North Dakota State University, "FORWARD Presentations, Proceedings, and Publications" (Web page)

P. Plait, "#YesAllWomen," Slate, May 27, 2014. [Link] [A discussion about violence against women, and the oppression women face every day, informed by the following tweet of Karin Robinson: "No, #NotAllMen are violent against women, but #YesAllWomen have to navigate a world where those who are look the same as those who aren't."

My Writings on Gender Equity

B. Parhami, "Women in Science and Engineering: A Tale of Two Countries," Submitted for publication (PDF forthcoming).
B. Parhami's Facebook post on "Men Allies for Gender Equity" workshop, May 9-10, 2019
B. Parhami's Facebook post on "Men Advocating for Gender Equity" workshop, October 3-4, 2019
B. Parhami's Facebook post entitled "What is Patriarchy?" (October 4, 2019)
B. Parhami's Facebook post entitled "Learning about Sex and Gender Spectrums" (January 22, 2020)
B. Parhami's 5-star review of Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men (2019)
B. Parhami's Facebook post about the documentary film "Pioneers in Skirts" (2020)
B. Parhami's 5-star review of The Gender Knot: Unraveling the Patriarchal Legacy (2005)

Other Resources in Brief

Harvard's Project Implicit: Implicit association test (Bias self-assessment)
Five Ways Men Can Help End Sexism: 10-minute video