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Ilan Ben-Yaacov

Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering, UCSB

5111 Harold Frank Hall
ECE Dept, University of California
Santa Barbara, California, 93106-9560
(805) 893-5295

About Me:

Welcome to my website! I'm a lecturer in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UCSB, where my primary role is to run the EE Capstone Design program (info about Engineering Capstone at UCSB can be found here). Since 2004, I have at various times served as a lecturer at UCSB in the ECE Department, the College of Creative Studies Physics program, and the Technology Management Program, teaching courses in EE project design, semiconductor processing and IC design, circuits, general physics, and Intellectual Property (IP). I also operate an independent Intellectual Property consulting business, primarily focusing on patents, trade secrets, and trademarks for high-tech companies. Areas of expertise pertaining to IP include general IP strategy, patent drafting and prosecution, IP portfolio advising and management, domestic and foreign filing strategies, establishment of trade secrets, infringement analysis, IP due diligence for investors, licensing agreements, and trademark/branding strategies. I have incorporated many of these topics into the EE Capstone curicullum to help better prepare Engineering students for life after college. You can find out more about me and connect with me on LinkedIn here.



Current Courses (Fall 2022):

    ECE 188: EE Senior Capstone Projects
    ECE 132: Solid State Electronic Devices

Courses Previously Taught: