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Main Portal[edit]

Overview of the Bowers WIKI
Simulation tools Software list Overview of simulation software
  Waiting list Put your name here if you need software or if you currently have a key
Masks Software Tools Mask drawing software, e.g. L-edit and LibMask
  General Mask Info Mask templates, frames, coordinates, test structures, etc.
  Mask Order How and where to order; technical details, etc.
  Masks Upload mask files here.
Fabrication Overview Hybrid Silicon Process Modules for Hybrid Silicon Processing <-- IF YOU ARE NEW TO HYBRID SILICON PROCESSING START HERE
Cleanroom technology Equipment - tools Overview of the equipment with specific Bowers processes
  General cleanroom Training, safety, useful links, etc.
  Design and processing rules
  Cleanroom Reports Etch and deposit rate records, etc.
Additional Process Followers Hybrid silica Overview of the integration of active with ULLWs
  GaAs on Silica Hybrid Process Portal to full process details of GaAs on Silica Hybrid Process
  E-beam Litho recipe
  Other processes Maybe solar, thermo-electrics?
Process Issues By Date Cases of process issues
Process Recipes Recipes Equipment Recipes
Wafers Silicon List of SOI wafers
  III/V wafers List of III/V wafers
Chips Device run Device mask sets, process followers and coordinates
Test & Measurement
Setups Thermoreflectance  
Measurement techniques    
Equipment inventory    
Software Equipment specific  
Lab Software Packages  
  Technique specific  
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Lab  
Scientific reports Report list Reviewed modeling, fabrication & measurement reports
Process run archive Device run list Log of device mask sets, epi material, process followers and coordinates
Literature search Scientific journals Off-campus journal links, organization tools, IEEE Xplor, etc.
  Useful Websites Links to LaserFocusWorld,, etc. and online trainings/guides
  Background literature Uploaded textbooks and journal papers on material properties
  Non-group slides Slides from visitors, conference talks, etc.
Group publications Journal & Conference papers Uploaded original files (doc)
  Posters and Presentation Uploaded original files (ppt)
Purchasing Quotes & Spec Sheets  
  Group Computer Policies Everyone should look at this when getting a new computer, decommissioning an older computer, moving a computer, looking at a computer the wrong way...etc.;
  Purchase orders  
  Sales rep contact info  
Forms Travel Forms related to travel
Procedures Helpful Admin Links Links for Admin Materials
Safety Safety Safety documents and equipment
Project pages PhASER Reports, slides, papers, etc.
  6 inch bonding  
  AWG receiver  
  DFB work  
  Directional Coupler Passives  
  DQPSK receiver  
  ELO growth  
  High Q resonators  
  High-power MLL  
  HSP Tapers  
  Mesa Etching  
  Waveguide Etch Process optimizations for waveguide etching
  Si/Ge PD  
People Personal pages This link gives an overview of the personal webpages
  Group contact sheet This link gives the contact information of (former) group members
  Personal Quotes Anonymous quotes
  Defense related All the files you need for thesis writing

Getting started[edit]